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Concerned about thick phlegm waking me up at night


Hello fellow CLLers;

I've been diagnosed a year ago and so far so good. My oncologist said I don't need to be seen for the next 6 months. One thing is concerning me, my Glucose level is 108 H, IMMUNOGLOBULIN G 577 and IMMUNOGLOBULIN M 46. In addition, I have been awaken often with thick phlegm in my mouth, usually white but sometimes black. For the past year or so I've been suffering from nasal drip and silent acid reflex but recently it's feeling different. Anyone else having similar issues?

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Immunoglobulin A is an antibody in the immune function of mucous membranes. When my IgA was low I had dry mouth and little to no nasal mucous (if I blew my nose it could show bright to dark color blood mixed in when platelets were also low, and dry unproductive coughs. Since your nasal drip has changed, could a blackish color in your phlegm indicate blood ? Might the thickening indicate you're not producing as much new mucous as needed? Acid reflux can be damaging to your esophagus

Michael199 in reply to 81ue

Yeah I'm thinking it's probably not CLL related. I'm gonna go and see as gastralogist, my father died of stomach cancer and fearing the worse. Thank you for the reply.

Go to the doctor to culture the phlegm for bacteria and fungal infections. It may not be cancer. You may have bacteria or fungus in your sinuses. A good internal medicine doctor, family medicine doctor etc can help too. You may just need an antibiotic. Don’t let it wake you up at night. Go to doctor first thing in the morning and not let another all nighter pass by . The acid reflux can be treated by regular doctor or gastroenterologist . This is treatable.

Best wishes to you.

I have similar problems. I use a product called Sterimar twice a day when I have all the phlegm. It is a nasal spray, basically a salt water product. It moistens everything, and loosen the phlegm so it it can be dealt with by blowing my nose. Dust, pollen, polluted air near busy roads etc make it worse. When I do blow my nose, there are often specks of blood, sometimes clots of blood. Right now it isn't bad, thankfully. Hope you find a solution that works for you.

My husband was diagnosed with CLL in November 2016, and he sometimes gets that thick phlem when we are going out for meals, and was prescribed a anti acid drug that will work with his chemo tablets, and he's always got a cough. He takes a drink of water up to bed with him if he wakes up in the night. He sees his oncologist every 4 months.

hello Michael199

I agree with all, get it checked out. Also nasal drip can be your bodies way of protecting your esophagus from acid reflex. Hope you get to feeling better.

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Big_Dee

More about silent reflux and mucus production here:

Short answer - "yes".

Tried all kinds of remedies to no avail.

Only worsened until I was treated. Obinutuzumab cleaned this up after three infusions. Mild nasal drip but no phlegm at night. Still have to take omeprazole for acid reflux.

Hope some have better luck. I will be watching.


Any chance that you smoke? I hope your doctors come up with some answers for you!

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