Post-inactivity muscle pain when walking.

Hurray! I'm in remission. I just have 4-weekly immunoglobulin infusions to help support my immune system. I had chemo (FCR) in 2015 and tomorrow my chest infection will be 1 year old - I've baked it a Birthday cake (any excuse). By late spring last year I was beginning to feel 'normal' and Dr Muddana said that I could start aqua-fit classes again so now I do 3/4 classes a week plus leg/buttock muscle strengthening exercises recommended by a worker at my gym. My problem is that I can't walk more than a few steps without pain in my leg/buttock muscles. If I carry on exercising will I eventually be pain-free? I guess what I'm looking for is a quick fix - is there such a thing? My holidays (only short breaks) are being ruined because I can't walk far. Please help.


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10 Replies

  • Great news snowdroprose! No advise on leg cramps but a minor challenge now you are in remission!


  • Hi Marc. - I'm afraid I regard it as a major challenge because walking for miles is about the only thing I can't do, that I used to do without thinking about it. I mean, I've never been able to stand on my head or sing soprano parts. In other words, I'm sure I don't ask for a lot - the love of my Husband and family - the means (my pension) to live a normal (economically secure, not affluent) life. Not being able to walk far without pain screams OLD, OLD, OLD and at 64 I'm not! Having said that, I do appreciate how very lucky I am and that there is always someone a lot worse off than I. Thanx for your time xx

  • So sorry, lets hope they can sort the legs out so you can walk over sandy beaches!

  • .... or shingle - so long as I can get away and not be in pain, I'm not bothered. xx

  • Might be wise to have physiotherapist trained in joint manipulation, or a chiropractor check you out - perhaps you pulled a ligament or need your pelvis adjusted. Do check with your GP first, though, as I am not a medical person. I hope it clears up soon so that you can get back to your exercise routine and walking.

    Sandy Beaches

  • Hi Sandy Beaches - I hope you don't mind if I tell you I would like to walk all over you! My pain when walking doesn't stop me doing aqua-fit classes and, touch wood, they do seem to working. Perhaps I've solved my own problem after all. Going to a chiropractor or a private physiotherapist is something I will consider if I need to. Thanx for taking the trouble to reply xx

  • Pleased to hear you're in remission :) I, likewise, can't offer avice on the legs. I've been working on ongoing sciatica, in the gym, like yourself. I can, however, run, but not nearly as well as I used to.

    Hope you find your fix,

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Mike - Thanx for the reply and the good wishes. I had a bout of sciatica years and years ago and it doesn't feel like that. Keep on running.

  • Hi. Is it possible that this is osteo-arthritis, not a CLL issue? It sounds a lot like what I experience after inactivity. I'll stand, contemplate the very idea of moving, and eventually hobble a few painful steps. Keep moving, though and all is well. I can swim a mile+, even hike a few miles, but after sitting still: Ouch. Ask your primary care doctor. The only solution I've found is to never sit too long. Hoping it is nothing that will keep you sedentary. What research I've done, btw, does not show a known link between CLL and osteo-arthritis. Would be interested if anyone has read otherwise. Hope you feel better!

  • Hi shoshanaz. You have given me something to think about. I quite agree that I need to stay active. Thanx for taking the trouble to reply. xx

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