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Effective Curcumin dosage for WBC count

I am 77 and have just been diagnosed with CLL. I currently have no symptoms. My WBC is 41k. I will be getting a full blood workup. I am looking for dosage advice on Green tea and Curcumin.

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You might find this of interest... link below.

This approach using over the counter supplements is cautioned by Dr. N. Kay, who ran the Mayo study. We simply don't know what's in the stuff and green tea from China and India, has been found to contain banned pesticides...


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Thanks Clicanada, I had not come across this article. I understand that bioavailability is a problem with churchmen that is why I am asking about dosing. Turmeric churchmen with Diopori is reasily available as a supplement for combating inflammation. Has anyone reported using this as an offlable treatment? Tough


You may want to read a similar post and replies happening right now here:



Green Tea and Curcumin may have some minor benefits in slowing the rise of CLL cells. But a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight and exercise could also have a similar benefit without the risk to your liver from Curcumin and overall health from the pesticides in concentrated EGCG.



My latest email from ConsumerLabs.com had a warning about high dose curcumin possibly causing iron deficiency, and referenced the following article on PubMed:


ConsumerLabs has a really informative writeup of potential side-effects of many herbal supplements. It also reviews several brands of such supplements that are available in the U.S. I find it's well worth the annual subscription cost.

My own experience with turmeric is that it caused gall bladder and subsequent liver trouble at the level of one or 2 teaspoons a day. I'm sure how much trouble a person might have would depend on how large their gallstones are.


Yep, consumerlab.com is such a valuable source of up to date info on supplements and research updates. Have to take out a subscription to get complete access to the info.

That's consumerlab.com, without "s" on lab.

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