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Muscle pains


Is anyone having random muscle pain problems?

I was diagnosed in 2015 but have not had to be treated so far.

My WBC count went down recently and my oncologist told me not to come back for six months. But I'm having kind of random muscle pains. First it was my feet and ankles, now my chest muscles and a forearm. I feel like I worked out this weekend, but in reality I did nothing but sit on the couch.

I also have a blood glucose problem that could be the culprit.

Just wondering if anyone has similar issues.

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Hi Cllpatient,

My first question would be are you on statins because they are sometimes associated with muscle pain.

The blood glucose problem could indeed be the issue but obviously only your doctor could confirm this. This taken from Diabetes U.K. literature explains why;

‘Musculoskeletal conditions (conditions affecting the muscles or skeleton) can affect anyone, but people with diabetes can be at an increased risk of developing them. The reasons for this are not fully understood but it is thought that raised blood glucose levels may, over time, cause changes to the naturally occurring protein collagen. Collagen is the main constituent of connective tissue and is present in the skin, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Glucose can bind to strands of collagen in a process known as glycosylation, and lead to the formation of cross-links with adjacent collagen strands. As a result the whole structure of the skin, or a tendon or ligament, can become thicker and less flexible, and this may lead to, or aggravate, a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Good blood glucose control can help reduce the risk of developing this type of disorder.’

My advice would be to get your blood glucose under control and it may have the effect of reducing the inflammation. However, continue to report these issues to your haematologist if they persist.

Best wishes,


It is always tempting to blame all ailments on CLL, but in reality our bodies still pick up diseases/wear out as they would have done without CLL. I would go and see your primary physician for a diagnosis and treatment and to get your glucose under control.

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