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Fmla...cll and ft work


Going on week 5 trying to heal from bronchitis and sinusitis combo. I haven't been able to rest enough because of work demands. I'm thinking about signing fmla papers for these types of situations. Wondering what others have done?

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Hi! I was battling a bronchitis sinusitis from July 9 to oct 1!! Just starting to feel normal again. Had to take 3 diff types of antibiotics which resulted in developing pulsating tinnitus. Hopefully that too will clear up! Rest is important so is quality of sleep. I try to sleep by 2 am and wake up at 10-11. I continued to work except a few days here and there when I was coughing to much

Thanks Lola, i hope you'll be feeling better too

Thé bronchite is gone but the ear is driving me up the wall!! Can’t wait to see my hematologist on nov. 6. Hopefully he will say I have anemia and fix it. The ENT FOUND NOTHING. He will give me an audio test in January. According to my research pulsating tinnitus is not same as regular tinnitus. Pulsating tinnitus can he fixed once they figure out where it’s coming from.


You have every right to apply for FLMA--I don't know how long a given workplace takes to get the paperwork approved, but talk with your Dr. about an application. AND while you are at it...

have your Dr. check your IG (immunoglobulin) levels which are instrumental in immune function. We have weakened immune systems as CLL pts. and a sinus infection can turn to pneumonia quickly, given the atmosphere to do so.

Are you on antibiotics? Have you had more than one and you are still battling the sinus infection/bronchitis? If your hemo/onco isn't asking about the IG, you should be asking.

AND, it would serve you well to find a 2nd opinion, CLL specialist, who could partner with your local hemo/onco, or you might find you could switch to the specialist--if near enough to you for comfortable travel times.

The wear an tear on your system of working full-time does not help in the healing.

If you will give your location--close enough for others to respond who live in a radius—others can give you suggestions for specialists as near you as possible.

Please do take care of yourself.

Thanks cllady01... I'm near Milw WI USA. This is 2nd round of antibiotics started today. Urgent care also ordered CBC but i don't have the results yet. Work has been a struggle as its very stressful which i believe also impacts my health negatively.


The following names of Drs. who are specialists are from Both Drs. are in Wis. Dr. Brian Koffman has gotten these names from patients who recommend them.

If you haven't had a discussion with your hema/onco about how you are feeling, it would be beneficial to do so and to get some clarity as to your immune system levels.

And, I totally agree with you that a full time job is stressful and stress is cancer's enemy.

Julie E. Chang, MD, University of Wisconsin, Carbone Cancer Center, Madison

Ehab Atallah, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin, Froedtert Cancer Center, Milwaukee

Best wishes and let us know how things are going. It sounds like you need a lot of rest to get back to normal---take care.

I see Dr Lyndsey Runaas at Froedtert. She has made my life much easier by sorting out problems associated with CLL but more importantly those not associated with CLL that can be resolved. She is a Hematologist/Oncologist and only deals with Leukemia patients. This was my second doctor for CLL. Non of my other doctors I've seen put all the pieces together. I was complaining about fatigue for years. She quickly pointed out that my progression of CLL couldn't be creating that much fatigue. She had me tested for all the other possibilities and it turned out that my harmones were off. She easily corrected that and now I feel like my normal self.

Back to your original question, I did fill out the FMLA paperwork when I had back to back sinus infection and chest cold/pneumonia. I didn't have to actually use it but it was in place if things went down hill quickly. The company I work for was fairly understanding and supportive. After they had time to think about it for a while they came back to me and said that if I had to leave my job would be waiting when I got back. So I was pretty comfortable with that and any other possible time-off scenarios.

When I was diagnosed I worked full time at a very demanding company. I signed up for FMLA and it was great, when I had those pesky sinus and upper respiratory infections and needed to stay home or leave early I didn’t feel I would get fired. Mind you the days off were financially covered by my accumulated time off with pay, once I exhausted those I didn’t get paid but fmla provided job security in a sense.

Thank you Marti, i hope things are better for you now

Bronchitis, sinusitis here too.

Loads of water, avoid smoking, smokers, flu shot. Have installed a uv light in HVAC system, to clean indoor air. about a 1000 dollars, believe it is worth it. avoid indoor pets. good humidifier, in winter. Wear n95 mask on airplanes, crowded situations.

Good luck.

Thanks Lenny lots of good suggestions

I agree about getting your IgG tested. I was living from infection to infection. My IgG tested as extremely low. IVIG infusions have been a Godsend for me. I also put FMLA in place. Get a full copy of your company's policies. I discovered that several rules were being broken in my case, most specifically being hassled every time I was out sick.

I can’t answer your question as I was already retired when I was diagnosed. But I have nothing bur sympathy and respect for those of you who have to continue to work. I am not sure I could have done it. Hope you can work it out to get more rest!

BeckyL USA

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