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Possible Lymphoma????

Hi Everyone! We found an enlarged lymph node on my 4 year old daughter's neck about a month ago while she was fighting a cold. I took her to the doctor because it hasn't went down so the doc did a CBC/platelet test which came back normal and she also did a test called ldh. This came back elevated at 370. Since the ldh test came back elevated we are being referred to an oncologist/hematology. At the time of the test she was also recovering from a black eye. Can a bruise cause an elevated ldh test? We won't get to see the oncologist for another week so I'm freaking out. She has no other symptoms other than enlarged node about the size of a peanut and is soft and moveable.

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Lactase Dehydrogenase (LD/LDH) is released by dying cells, so indeed elevated levels can be caused by bruising or even a bad blood draw. I've had several high results myself caused this way. 370 isn't that much above normal, but it is good that your daughter is being checked out.



Thanks AussieNeil! They have her on antibiotics now so I'll see if the lymph node goes down with that. She is scheduled to see the Oncologist next week.


Must be very worrying for you, hope the doctors manage to confirm the problem and resolve it

UK Sparky

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We too had a similar situation when my son was 17. Elevated levels simply because he was in a couple different sports as his muscles were taxed. They scared the daylights out of us for nothing. Try to relax, most often it’s nothing and they can’t even explain why.


Thank you Kokobean! I'm hoping it was just her recovering from her bruise. I'll defintely keep you guys updated!


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