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Went in for a routine female check up on 10/27/17 and next thing I know she said all my lymph nodes were swollen (I could not tell) and she suspected SLL. On 12/8 they excised a node and confirmed I have SLL/CLL 11q and trisomy 12. I'm 54. and currently on a Watch & Wait. My first apt on Watch and Wait is Feb 8 2018. I have no other symptom except swollen nodes. Has anyone taken green tea supplements? I've heard that helps reduce the swelling.

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Only drink green tea. Do not take supplements without asking your doc. Is what I have read here.

Hoping the best for you!


There has been a great deal of discussion on green tea in this community, with this post providing a good insight: healthunlocked.com/cllsuppo...

Bottom line is that while the Mayo Clinic Phase 2 trials showed that the majority of patients saw a reduction in their lymph node size and lymphocyte blood count, Neil Kay, one of the paper authors from Mayo, doesn't recommend CLL patients take it because the supplement industry in the USA (and also unfortunately in most other countries) is unregulated. Also, you are putting selective pressure on your CLL, which could lead to clonal evolution and the development of a more difficult version of CLL to eventually treat...



I started taking green tea extract (EGCG) made by LifeExtension. They are expensive but I trust this brand more than others. I have stopped twice because my lymph nodes seem to get larger and more painful when I take the mega dose recommended. I'm in stopped mode now --- it seems the nodes shrink and certainly become less painful after ibruprofen. IF they stay non painful, I won't take the green tea extract again. Wishing you the best.


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