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Alcohol and SLL


With Sll / CLL can you go to a party and have several beers more the 6 ? I don’t want to sound like a druck and am not one. I’m newly diagnosed with SLL and have a party coming up and It takes me 6-12 beers to feel good. I’m in my mid 40s and on watch and wait never had a symptom and am told I’m very early on with SLL. Again I drink maybe 2-4 times a year not a big partying type of guy.

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Can’t think of any specific issue but maybe ask your doctor?

Wow 6 to 12 beers to feel good? I'm a lightweight....takes me one! Maybe you can switch to something with more of a kick like I have not heard anything about cll and alcohol.


With CLL/SLL and any of the usual treatments, having fully functioning liver and kidneys is important, especially when an infection strikes, without warning. The liver is part of converting many drugs into useful treatments, and removing the unwanted detritus of dead cells from our blood stream. Removing alcohol from your blood stresses the liver.

So an equivalent defensive analogy might be wearing a seat belt, defensive driving, washing your hands before touching your face, etc.

And the aggressive equivalent of 6 beers, might be skydiving, base jumping, and extreme sports. Does the thrill warrant the risk?

We encourage other CLL patients to live life fully- It's up to you.


I don't want to complicate your life, but you may want to consult the chart in this link that shows the blood alcohol level for various amounts of consumed alcohol.

Please have a designated driver!

Always ... I really don’t think I’m going to drink more then 2 or 3 if at all.

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