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Do I have leukemia?

Hi, I got my blood work done last week and below are the reports. I am worried that I might have leukemia (I am a 23 year old male).

Complete Blood Count

Hemoglobin - 16.30 (14.0 - 17.50 g/dL)

Total Leucocytes (pWBC) count - 9,800 (4000-10000/μL)

Platelet count - 192,000 (150000 - 450000 /μL)

Red blood cell count - 5.72 (4.50 - 5.90 x 10^6 /μL)

PCV (Packed Cell Volume) - 47.00 (41.5 - 50.4 %)

MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) - 82.10 (80.0 - 96.0 fL)

MCH (Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin) - 28.50 (27.5 - 33.2 pgms)

MCHC (Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration) - 34.60 (33.4 - 35.5 g/dL)

RDW (Red blood cell distribution width) - 12.50 (11.6 - 14.0 %)

Differential Count

Neutrophils - 43 (40 - 80 %)

Absolute Neutrophils - 4,214 (2000 - 7000 /μL)

Eosinophils - 08* (1 - 6 %)

Absolute Eosinophils - 784* (20 - 500 /μL)

Basophils - 01 (0 - 2 %)

Absolute Basophils - 98 (0 - 100 /μL)

Lymphocytes - 39 (20 - 40 %)

Absolute Lymphocytes - 3,822* (1000 - 3000 /μL)

Monocytes - 09 (2 - 10 %)

Absolute Monocytes - 882* (200 - 1000 /μL)

I generally feel tired and feverish many times hence I did these reports. I have done blood reports regularly for last 3 years and these values (especially Eosinophils) are same in all 3 reports.

My doctor says there is no reason to worry, but I can't stop worrying. Can someone please tell me if I should be worried about leukemia or any other type of cancer?

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I wouldn’t worry about leukaemia. Slightly raised eosinophils such as yours can be non specific or due to allergies, hay fever and occasionally parasites. Very, very rarely and generally not at low levels such as yours, it can be found in lymphoma but you would have other symptoms. Please be reassured by what your doctor has said.


Hi, Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Your reply really made me a bit calm.


There are many different kinds of leukaemia (which after all is not a common cancer) and your white blood cell counts are either in the normal range or barely out of the normal range. Having the same results over 3 years is very strong evidence that you don't have leukaemia. It is far more likely that you have allergies or a subclinical infection that is behind your raised counts. You can always ask for a second opinion if you don't feel you can trust your doctor's assessment. Given your general malaise, that approach may help you find what's behind your symptoms.



Hi, I did get my blood reports checked from 2 different doctors and both of them said everything looks normal. However, my (probably hypochondriac) mind wouldn't calm down. Moreover, my lymphocyte count which was normal for last two years was out of normal range this year and a single google search was enough for me to start worrying about leukemia. Anyway, thanks a lot for your quick reply!


Dr Google is full of inaccurate mumbo jumbo. It is a very bad source of information, especially if you have a hypochondriac tendency. Dr G looks to feed any such tendencies and very much enjoys doing this....... My main recommendation is never use Dr G!

We would all (on this community) like you blood results...as Neil says, they are all in the normal range!


Hi, I do understand that googling is my main problem. I will now make conscious effort to avoid that.

I do understand that many people in this community would like these results and I am really glad to hear that. I again thank all of you for your support and wish all of you a great year ahead!


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