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Mouth Sores cleared

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I am on Imbruvica and like many of us suffered from mouth sores for more then a year. I tried many remedies from prescription magic liquids against fungi to oral creams, L-lycine, Folic Acid and changing to organic tooth paste. All did not do the trick. At my CLL specialist's advice I tried Selenium, sold over the counter and 3 weeks after starting taking 1 pill a day the sores disappeared and I'm free of it for the past 2 months.

So, my friends, if you still struggle with this, try Selenium, give it a few weeks to work and please report back if it works for you. Good Luck!

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Congrats on a successful response! What dosage are your selenium pills?


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kohelet in reply to PlanetaryKim

200mcg once a day

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PlanetaryKim in reply to kohelet


You don't mention how much Selenium you are taking. The amount is important, as too much Selenium can have deleterious effects on the body, including diarrhea, hair loss, joint pain, nerve damage, etc.

Most people get the Selenium they need from eating beef and fish. Brazil nuts have a high Selenium content. Because I eat a vegan diet, I started having 1-2 Brazil nuts a day, which my body "told" me was too much. I have backed off to a few a week.

The recommended daily amount is 400 mcg. Some studies show the body can tolerate up to 600 mcg. Thus, it is important not to start popping Selenium pills. While relief may seem apparent in the short-term, damage could occur over a longer period of time.

As I have posted a number of times, I achieved great relief from Imbruvica induced mouth sores by putting two drops of Organic Oil of Oregano on the toothpaste on my brush every time I brush my teeth. The anit-microbial qualities of oregano have kept my mouth sore-free for a year thus far. This method works without throwing off the precarious balance of our bodies.

Hope you find the proper balance that works for you.

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kohelet in reply to starsafta

I take one pill of 200mcg a day.

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starsafta in reply to kohelet

Wouldn't you rather have a couple of Brazil nuts? So yummy!

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kohelet in reply to starsafta

If I'll get the same result I'll eat the whole packet.

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starsafta in reply to kohelet

Overdosing on Brazil nuts is as bad as taking too many supplements. Our bodies are an intricate delicate balance of myriad elements.

It’s a dance, and we have to learn the steps

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kohelet in reply to starsafta

I've never heard this. I normally put a tray of mixed nuts on the table when I have guests and we all get into it and nush the whole evening.

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starsafta in reply to kohelet

I was specifically talking about daily popping many Brazil nuts, which are high in Selenium. "Nashing" (Yiddish for "snacking," for those for whom the term is unfamiliar) on a variety of nuts on occasion is a different can of nuts. So enjoy the "nash."

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Oregano oil? Thanks. I have that on hand.

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Thanks. Have been on IB for a year and a half and have never had mouth sores, but that's a question my Dr. always asks.......if I've had mouth sores, so it must be fairly common as a side effect. If I do get mouth sores I'll remember the selenium!!! Glad you told us about it.

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kohelet in reply to Hidden

Best is - don't get mouth sores. :)

Rinsing with baking soda 2x day helped me. Safer too.

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kohelet in reply to cll2013

It did not help me :(

Tea tree and peppermint oils in 2 cups of water heals the mouth sores caused by Ibrutinib. At least, it has for me.

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kohelet in reply to bwcw

Ti or tea tree oil is poisonous. Beware!

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PlanetaryKim in reply to bwcw

Yes, for me tea tree oil has been really effect at eliminating mouth sores and sore gums. A couple of drops on toothbrush... bush teeth then rinse and swoosh the water throughout the mouth as long as you can, then spit at all out. Don't want to swallow any tea tree oil.

Really appreciated your post today. I have had bad sores on the side of my tongue and tip of my tongue and my mouth is sore. Last about a week and a half now. Starting to see some improvement but it's been miserable. Will definitely try this selenium.

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kohelet in reply to tthomp436

Give it a month and please report back.

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Hi Kohelet, I was very interested to read your post and the responses to it, as I've had mouth sores for quite a while and they are getting worse. Eating is no joy any more. The doctor prescribed a mouthwash which hasn't helped.

Like you I'm on Imbruvica - started it in October.

I'm now thinking of trying your suggestion of selenium tablets, or maybe oil of oregano (starsafta 's suggestion). I'll let you know how I get on.


P.S. To tthomp436, how did you get on with the selenium?

Please be careful with Selenium intake. There is a thin line between enough and too much, with deleterious effects if too much. There are no side effects from Oil of Oregano, which I use twice a day on my toothpaste. A few weeks ago, I got complacent, because I hadn't had any mouth sores for almost a year, and stopped using it. After a few days, bang! Mouth sores. I'm back to being vigilant. I much prefer plant-based oregano to tea tree oil, which I do not consider food. Good luck!

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kohelet in reply to starsafta

Where do you buy oil of oregano?

Where else -- Amazon. I buy only brands I trust. Natural Factors Organic Oil of Oregano has only oregano in a base of organic olive oil.

I hate shopping -- the time it takes, the environmental impact of driving hither and thither, the lure of other products I don't need. So I do most shopping, other than food, online.

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