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Elevated Lymphocyte Count 4 Months After Bendamustine/Rituxin

Hello Members: In mid-June I finished 6 months of Bendamustine/Rituxin. I saw my onc today and my lymph nodes are elevated (5.7) saw her last month and they were also elevated(5.0) She is suggesting that I may want to have FCR or Imbruvica when I need treatment again. Right now I am on hold until January 2018. It is hard to believe that a remission would only last 4 months! As for FCR I am 72 years old. I am losing faith in her. She is suppose to be a specialist but she didn't even know if a shingles vaccine is a live vaccine. Has anyone out there had B/R and experienced such a brief remission?

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Sorry you refer to lymph node counts.. do you mean your absolute lymphocyte count [ALC] ? A small change isn't much of an indication of progression.. could be within the allowable test margin of error.

Hemaetologist usually don't deal much with shingles vaccines, so I don't find that too odd. There are still many published protocols that suggest shingles vaccine is OK in CLL...



Thank you Chris for your reply.


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