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CLLSA Oxford Sep 2017 Conference videos of presentations available

Oxford’s policy of “the patient knows best” – respecting the wishes of patients and empowerment of CLL patients – was a recurring theme of the Conference.

There were 5 presentations videoed at the meeting.

Professor Anna Schuh: Associate Professor and Director for Molecular Diagnostics, University of Oxford; Consultant Haematologist. Professor Anna Schuh gives an update on CLL treatments and developments.

Julia Ford: Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Introduces her role as a Clinical Nurse Specialist supporting patients and family members in the clinic.

CLLSA Trustee Brian Gardom introduces CLLSA on Heathunlocked and other useful sources of reliable information.

CLL patients, Sue Barclay and Pauline Stow (CLLSA trustee), talk about living with CLL and give some tips.


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I like the description of the topics content, but I can't access for whatever reason.


Here is the link to the page with the videos on cllsupport.org.uk/article/v...


thank you,

I believe it is my computer that is the problem.


They are also available from the main site - Under the News menu Members Conference reports and videos are available from the video archive. Well worth watching


The report has been updated to include power points of three of the talks - these can be found at the bottom of the report. These are the same slides included in the videos presentation.


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