Videos from London members conference 2016 available

Videos from London members conference 2016 available

There were three presentations videoed at this meeting, two talks by Claire Dearden Consultant Haematologist and Head of the CLL Unit at Royal Marsden Hospital. There was also a patient presentation about his experience of treatment. See

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  • Myrddin

    I cannot connect to this.

    Is anyone else having problems.?


  • Hi Sue

    The page would be public - I can access it when no logged into the site. You could try accessing from the link from the LATEST NEWS section on the front page of or from the News menu -Newsletters - under Meeting reports below the newsletter archive

    Let me know if you still have an issue

  • Thanks Myrddin. It appears to be my old tablet. It is 3 1/2 years old.

    I can access them on my new tablet!! Sorry for troubling you.

    Hope you are well . Sue

    I will check next time.

  • Excellent enjoy the videos

  • Forgot to say great photo of spring flowers.

    Thank you.


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