Milk and cancer

i been drinking milk all my life, sometimes more than 2 liters pr day, and youghurt and cheese on top of that.

Now I got CLL, i read on the internet that milk causes cancer, and can be the reason why we have CLL.

I like to know if you drink milk and if you been drinking it a lot since childhood like

me, and your opinion about milk and cancer link ?

Kind regards Jan from Denmark

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  • There's lots of misinformation on the Internet. Please share where you read this snippet, as it's the first time I've heard of this association...

  • Never heard of that. I drank it as a child but hardly at all as an adult.

  • Aside from organic yogurt I havnt had milk in a very very long time. Do we know the creditable source for this?

  • In my younger days I drank milk but not as an adult.

  • I would not put much into that. I tried figuring out at first what may have caused this. No one in my family as far back as I can look every had cll or other blood cancer. I don't smoke eat well and also never really drank milk or ate yogurt. I gave up on that and focus more on trying to stay healthy with excercise, vitamins and better eating habits

  • hello

    prostate cancer and milk consumption has been established through many studies, just google it,

    But the link between milk and leukaemia is new to me. It is the bovine leukaemia virus found

    in milk, that maybe can cause leukaemia in humans, try google that too. I do not have the stamina to go into a detailed answer about this topic, I just raise the question, because it makes me worried, because i love milk and cheese, should I/ we give it up or not ?

    Kind regards Jan from denmark

  • Do not give up milk and cheese. These internet searches can cause a lot of grief with their pseudoscience, lack of proper study and alarmist ideas. I would put as much faith in milk causes cancer as I do that vaccines cause autism. NONE.

  • This is the problem with random internet information Jan.

    As a matter of interest, I did a bit of googling and lo and behold, milk also allegedly causes MS, Parkinson's Disease, acne, acid reflux and probably if I looked deeply enough, immaculate conception!

    Please proceed with caution unless there's highly reputable research and trial evidence leading to scientific validation.

    The internet is a total minefield and there's no bizarre theory untouched, exploited or believed by some.

    Best wishes,


  • In international studies diary consumption has been consistently associated with prostate cancer mortality. So its not something i found in some alternative site, or some hokus pokus as we say in Denmark. Its not "random"internet information New dawn. Kind regards jan

  • Hi Jan,

    You asked in your post whether drinking milk could be the reason you got CLL, but you haven't cited the internet reference(s) that led to your concern. The relevance of milk consumption and the development of prostate cancer is not relevant to your original question - it's a totally different cancer.

    If you'd like feedback from people who are reasonably skilled at determining how reputable the information is that concerned you, you need to share where you read this. I've never heard of this association and my quick Internet search didn't come up with any indications that anyone is seriously considering a link between milk consumption and the development of CLL.


  • It would be the same as saying that smoking causes lung cancer, and its irrelevant to CLL, no its not, yes lung cancer is a different cancer( wouuw I did not know that), but f.inst the benzene in cigarettes can cause CLL.

    Maybe its the same scenario with milk, I hope not, but its established that milk can cause prostate cancer, so maybe we should not dismish it as internet nonsense, and patronise me when I raisethe question maybe there also can be a nonnection between CLL and milk, in asian countries where they dont drink milk, CLL is very rare. Prostate cancer is on the raise in Japan, why because they start drink milk. Now if it was

    prostate cancer that was my concern, I would not raise the question here, because its so well established, but the milk CLL connection is not, but f.inst a Dr John Mcdougall has raised the question, you can see his speech on youtube. i think its very arrogant and ignorant the way somebody here patronise me for raising this question.

  • This Dr McDougall, the American physician and author, who promotes a fad diet?

    As the the relevance of milk and prostate cancer risk and the possibility of a milk/CLL connection (which you didn't explain), researchers would be interested in common links between the two cancers, for which this research reported on early this year could form the foundation.

    But note the summary and conclusion: 'In summary, we found some evidence that parts of the IGF pathway may be stimulated by milk intake, and that IGF proteins circulating in the blood may affect prostate cancer risk.


    Although we now know more about the link between milk and prostate than ever before, we still don’t have enough evidence to make a recommendation on consumption.'


  • Too many stupid replies here, I rest my case.

    KInd regards Jan

  • Wikipedia: Bovine leukemia virus. I think there are even people who will not consider stop smoking when having cancer, so many stupid people.

  • I do not understand the rudeness. Maybe it is a language issue and I am misunderstanding. Whenever I read articles that have a lot of may, could or might words in it, I tend to disregard the article unless it is backed with scientific fact. Searching the internet one can find arguments to support any hypothesis.

    If you are truly worried - cut out the milk until you have researched enough to make you comfortable again with one of your favourite foods.

  • I would not put much faith in believing milk and milk products cause CLL. I am 68 and have always drank milk and other products. I do not think they caused my cancer. I have read that working with wood-saw dust- can cause CLL. I have done lots of wood refinishing in the past and should I assume that saw dust has caused mine??

  • Dairy products and cancer. - NCBI

    I would not, from reading the above NIH research, link milk as a cause of leukemia.

  • this is a 2011 studie, since 2011 there has been numerous studies worldwide.

  • Please give links to the studies. Otherwise this is just hearsay. People are not being rude. They are just asking for your sources of information.

  • I would think neither the cow or milk is to blame rather what different country's chose as acceptable to feed and inject into the cow that then doses the consumer

    The only remote links i have see are agent orange and benzene and other chemicals we know are carcinogenic

    But there too you have to use caution as under Californian prop 65 pretty much everything has a warning label

  • I've heard news reports linking Aspartame artificial sweetener to Leukemia in men.

  • I think it was mice...

  • I notice a lot of things have warnings that they may cause cancer in the state of California!! And then I think, don't they cause cancer in others states

  • Hate milk. Only have a splash in my tea.

  • I am a big milk drinker and have been all my life. Also yogurt, cheese & butter daily. My body loves these foods. And I tend to listen to my body where food is concerned. My body is smarter than I am. It knows what it needs and leads me to it. I do, however, try to source my dairy products from 'clean' sources without chemical contamination or animal cruelty. I drink goat milk from a goat dairy co-op where there are no antibiotics or hormones used, and the goats are outside and receive other humane conditions. My yogurt is from grass-fed cows close to where I live. My cheese is Canadian or European but never from US because as far as I know, Bovine Growth Hormone is used on US dairy cows but not elsewhere. I know it is not used in Canada. I grew up drinking raw (unpasteurized) milk as a child.

    There is a large anti-milk movement out there. And some of the points may be valid, certainly for milk from tortured, sick, chemically polluted factory-farmed dairy cows. I don't personally believe milk in and of itself causes cancer. But I think it is important to buy dairy products from clean, unpolluted, humane sources. And that does take some research.


  • I have never drank a lot of milk and yet have had CLL for nearly 7 years- as someone else has said there is so much mis information on the internet

  • See the following link from the Daily Mail's stories on causes of cancer.....

    Milk is there, but so is (as examples) Age, Afternoons, Baby Food, Bras, Fatherhood, Left-handedness, Pregnancy, Sex, Tea, Water and even Zebra Toys...........and it is a very, very long list.

    Don't believe things you read in papers or the vast tracks of the internet....there is a lot of information!

  • Never read that. There are probably as many reasons people get leukemia as there are stars in the sky.

    I have long stoped wondering why and focused on wondering when I will be in remission.

    Good luck to you.

  • In search of causes for my CLL the 2 that stood out were

    1. Framed houses in Hawaii for 15+ years using currently banned termite treated wood.

    Was literally filling my nose with the poison everyday which like other industrial toxins affect chromosomes and the immune system....

    2.An article on Milk products reducing the oxygen level of blood cells which reduces cell immunity.. My home latte machine had been in constant use for 20 years, not to mention another love, Hagan das...

  • No I was allergic to milk first 20 years of my life. Drink it later occasionally as hot chokolate and with coffee. Since my stomach cancer totally stopped using milk. 4 years later I got CLL. Now 62. Latest result WBC was 108000. Still no therapy. But not the best lately.

    All the best.

    Miro ( from AUS)

  • No one knows what causes CLL, but there are a lot of theories and misguided information.

  • Just do what you are doing. I have never found anything that makes leukemia better or worse. Dx. 2002

  • I've also been wondering about the milk link. I am sure it did not cause my SLL but i am trying to follow an anti-inflammatory diet so that my body can put all it's energy into fighting the SLL. I have found numerous studies finding a correlation between milk and lymphoma. Here is only one of many The casein in milk is apparently inflammatory for many people. Goat milk and cheese is much less inflammatory. I love cheese and lattes and I have very slowly cut them out. I still have a bit of goat cheese.

  • Good find, particularly given the study includes CLL/SLL, but note the 'may' conclusion and that 'The risk of NHL increased by 5% and 6% for each 200 g/day increment of total dairy product and milk consumption, respectively.' That pales into insignificance compared to the up to 8 times increased risk of skin cancer we have with CLL.


  • Oops, didn't know about the skin cancer link...thanks for that one : )

  • In case anyone is interested I have tried to eat healthy organic veggie food for decades but never felt fully vegan was as healthy as vegetarian from what I read, so have used milk. When I got CLL diagnosis 2-3 years ago I started drinking nothing but milk & put on weight as intended in case I ever found I was losing weight & needed some to lose. Decided that the milk in those quantities was causing leg cramps & too quick weight gain so now (when at work) I have half as much milk (2 pts a day) & the rest is org. beetroot juice. Not had too much illness yet (& leg cramps are much reduced) but last W&W check-up was a bit ominous so we'll see then. As people have said there are lots of different views out there & we have to try to assess the credible ones & what works for us. Exercise is of course important if we can do this & not just rely on diet.


    This article from Oxford Journal "Carcinogenesis" studies Phytanic acid as found in dairy, red meat, processed meat and milk and the risk of NHL--- CLL/SLL, DBCL/ and Follicular Lymphoma.

    dated 2012---may be what is being referred to, and it is a year later than the one I first produced that was testing milk, with no mention of Phytanic acid.

    Not definitive for any one food, but points to possibility of quantity of intake of Phytanic acid in foods which also included fish?.

    It, of course, does not say those foods cause a disease, it does, however, say there can be an influence toward with a large intake of foods containing Phytanic acid.

    FYI: @Kohsomuio, the article states blood serum was tested for Phytanic Acid.

    Yogurt and low-fat milk were considered the lowest in Phytanic Acid. But, read it for yourself---

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