Coffee Intake Reduced Colorectal Cancer Risk

Coffee Intake Reduced Colorectal Cancer Risk

Drinking coffee resulted in a more than 25% decreased risk for developing colorectal cancer, according to the results of a study published in Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.


“This large case–control study (coffee intake and colorectal cancer occurrence in 5,145 cases and 4,097 controls from the Molecular Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer study) provides evidence of an inverse, dose–response association between coffee drinking and the odds of colorectal cancer, colon, and rectal cancer incidence,” Schmit and colleagues wrote. “The health risks of coffee consumption are low, but additional evidence is warranted before advocating for coffee consumption as a nutraceutical approach to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.”


“Alternative explanations for an inverse association between coffee consumption and colorectal cancer include reverse causation, with digestive tract disease and bowel symptoms leading cases to avoid drinking coffee, and the possibility that total fluid consumption or hot beverage drinking may reduce risk of colorectal cancer through a mechanism of increased colon motility,” the researchers wrote. “However, we observed that controlling for total beverage consumption did not attenuate the inverse relation between coffee and colorectal cancer.”

Full article in Cancer Network:

Not specific to CLL, but given our higher risk of secondary cancers, this might relax the coffee drinkers among us...


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  • It makes me feel better about my coffee drinking.  I have my grandmother to thank who hooked me on coffee when I was 5.  It was the only way that I would drink milk - half coffee and half milk.  When I was 15, I was in Paris and embarrassingly asked the waiter for half coffee and half milk and was pleased to get cafe au lait.

  • Thanks Aussie Neil for always posting beautiful pictures - they make me feel good.

  • Dear Neil,

    Another good one.  With so many coffee lovers on the planet and many of us in the CLL community this was a nice article to wake up to this morning!  (Sipping my coffee right now.)  This article just makes sense to me.  The noble coffee bean grows in the sun in the good earth and then is roasted and ground into a delicious brew.  As a CLL patient I have eliminated all man made chemical filled drinks in favor of real beverages like coffee, tea, lemonade and such. 

    Australia must be the most beautiful place on earth...........your pictures are lovely.


  • Canada must at least be a close second, given what Cllcanada regularly shares with us!  You won't believe how many pictures don't make the cut, but my thanks to you and wmay13241 for appreciating my efforts to share the beauty I am privileged to experience here.


  • And, I do like my coffee.  Thanks for posting, Neil.  Carole

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