Possibility of CLL or generally a leukaimia?

Hello to everyone! I admire you all for your strenght and will to fight this decease. I am 27 years old male with bipolar disorder. I also have an IBS and some stomach problem.I also lost 4-5 kilos on the last 3 months. I dont mean to offend anyone of you with my post. On May blood test i was founded with a little over count % of lymphocytes and a little down count % of neutrophils. My total lympocytes count was on normal range about 3500. I did blood counts again 20 days ago. I had 50% lymphocytes (limit 40) and 4960 total count (limit) 4000. I also had 1350 neutrophils and 38% (lower limit 40). I got a lot of scared and as a bipolar i have anxious panics. If anyone want can give me an advice from his experience. ( i forgot to say that my WBC was 9000-9600 something like that on May and August). Thank you very much and I wish you all the best. Sorry for my bad english.


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  • Hi Forty,

    Certainly nothing that you've reported there which would give concern for CLL which at 27 would be statistically very unusual indeed. Your WBC is within normal limits and percentages of lymphocytes are not useful as reliable indicators. Importantly your absolute lymphocyte level of 3.5 (3500) was normal and the errant neutrophil and lymphocyte count is now very likely indicative of a self limiting infection which may be chronic if you've got ongoing health issues. As you have existing issues, this wouldn't be unusual and if you're losing weight and have IBS and stomach problems, it's those that need investigating. Neutrophil production can be adversely affected by Crohns Disease and inflammatory bowel disorders.

    Be guided by your doctors who are no doubt monitoring your bloods but don't allow yourself to be spooked by slightly errant blood results which anyone can have during periods of acute or chronic infection. However, make sure the cause for your weight loss and other problems are fully investigated.

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you very much for your answer! It gives me courage. I ve done a colonoscopy it was very clean. I have some dyspepsia problem. I am going to have more blood tests this week about HIV etc. Just another 2 questions. How much lymphocytes of overall count ( i mean with 4000 limit) have usually the patients with CLL? And did you know if antidepressant drugs can cause lemphocytarosis?

    Thank you again for the answer. I am grateful.

  • It's reassuring that your Absolute Lymphocyte Count (ALC) is within normal levels Forty. Many members on here have very high lymphocyte levels even stretching into the 100's (100,000's). Be reassured that if any kind of acute leukaemia been suspected that your levels would be significantly higher and reacted to immediately. As I said, it's exceptionally rare to have a diagnosis of a chronic blood cancer in your late 20's. The median age for diagnosis of CLL is 71 yrs (although many of us are much, much younger). You are not describing symptoms normally associated with CLL.

    I see you're having tests in relation to HIV and I hope they work out well. Normally you'd expect a very low ALC with a HIV diagnosis but if there's any risk factors, it's good to get checked out.

    I'm not aware of a direct link between use of anti depressants and lymphocytosis if that's what you meant but please don't ever reduce or stop your meds yourself if you have bi-polar. Please be aware that my advice is purely as a CLL patient and all definitive medical advice must come from your doctor.

    Wishing you well and hope you can now take your foot off the worry pedal! :-)


  • Thank you again. My ALC was above the limit was 4960 with 4000 limit but i think it's not so concerned. I read that over 10000 alc is alarm symptom.

  • Yes I see your ALC was slightly elevated Forty but it's an entirely normal response for the immune system at times of infection and inflammation. I'm sure your levels will be routinely monitored now having shown this slight increase but lymphocytosis is merely symptomatic of something, rather than a condition in itself.

    Hopefully yours will be back to normal at the next blood test.


  • Welcome to the Community

    I cant really offer you any advise other than that being ill makes the best of us quite anxious and that at in the USA once your blood work comes back out of range there are other tests that the specialist would have to run to reach a diagnoses and how best to treat you

  • Thanks for reply !

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