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Flu vaccination delivery option updates


I don't think anyone enjoys being jabbed in the arm, so here's some encouraging news on flu vaccination alternatives...

Flu Vax via Microneedle Patch Found Safe in Phase I Trial

- Immune response similar to that seen with regular injection

Overview by Medpage Today


More detail from NewAtlas


And for those allergic to chicken and vaccines produced via egg culture -

Recombinant Flu Vax Matches Standard Drug

- Product generated in insect cells, not chicken eggs

A recombinant influenza vaccine was as protective as a standard, egg-grown drug during the 2014-2015 flu season, when circulating and vaccine antigens were mismatched, and might have even been better, researchers reported.



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Wonderful photo, Neil.

It's good to hear about a flu jab that isn't a jab, but is just a patch stuck on the arm. If it passes all the trials and gets into general use, maybe it will encourage more people to get vaccinated. :-)

I wish they would find a way of analysing our blood without putting needles into our veins. I would welcome that much more than jabless vaccs, as my poor veins are getting older and thinner and more reluctant to give up their goodies. Last time I had bloods taken it took the nurse several attempts and left me with a lot of bruising. :-(


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