Flu vaccine suitable for CLL WW with egg allergy

Hi folks,

Could anyone recommend a flu vaccine for me (available in U.K.) I'm on wait and watch for 4 years as I have a egg allergy so can't have the standard vaccine.

My GP practice nurse last year was very unhelpful last year, telling me there wasn't one available so I went without. Fortunately I didn't get flu.

I did have one the previous year after a struggle including the practice nurse ringing me up asking me if I did have a egg allergy or did I just not eat cake! Yes, I did make a formal complaint but I want to be prepared in case I have to do this again

Thanks again



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26 Replies

  • That wasn't helpful at all. Maybe you should see the GP who might have a wider knowledge?

    Sorry I can't help.

    Can I suggest you lock your post to get more replies.

  • Thanks for the advice. Where do I lock my post, I've had look but unsure how I do it.

    Thanks Sue

  • I'm going along to my GP Practice / Pharmacy later. I've the same egg issue and intend asking.

    Like you, I went without last year. Worried about this winter due to the flu forecast being quite grim.

    And I'm only writing this, so I remember to give the answer later...

  • Now back from the GP (Scotland btw). There appears not to be a zero egg flu jab this year but there is a Low Content vaccine.

    Going tomorrow morning and, the usual protocol is to drip it on my skin then wait 10 minutes to see if it burns (me: external & internal allergy)

    If it does not burn, I will be given the jab then wait around for an hour or so in case I go into shock and die.

    If I don't die, shall let you know how it went...

    Being flippant but trust me, I'm nervous. But also very scared of the consequences of catching flu with a trashed immune system, especially as my wife works with the public.

  • Fingers crossed for you tomorrow, being flippant is the best way. Looks like I will be doing without again this year as it can take a while for my symptoms (internal and external too) to start even though I usually know something is going on. I work with the public too so would have preferred to have flu vaccine.

    Hope all goes well

  • Guess I'm "lucky" I don't need carry a pen due to anything with egg causing immediate burns in my mouth.

    Out of interest, did you also have fun with childish initiation routines which involved an egg over your head? (I was banned for life from the cub scouts due to harm inflicted when threatened with egg.)

  • Fortunately I don't have a pen either.

    Childhood didn't cause too many problems, no one in the family were allowed to eat eggs if I was around. My mum checked everything but stupid me went away to college and eat Quiche which I thought was great and ended up in hospital. I blamed my mum for not telling me!

  • It seems very odd that a non-egg vaccine hasn't yet been produced, as I wouldn't have thought the egg allergy isn't that uncommon.

    I imagine it'll just have to be lots of hand washing, and doing your best to avoid obviously sick people.

    Sorry I didn't explain about locking your post. The little down arrow at the bottom of your post gives you the choice of limiting your post to this community, or allowing it to be seen by anyone.

  • There was one two years ago but none since then. Eggs are in so many medical products.

    So I will be using lots of antiseptic wipes etc.

    Thanks for explaining about the lock

    Take care

  • Here are the latest recommendations from the CDC...


    Nasal sprays are a live vaccine.. not to be used by CLL, but the injection, you might be able to have.

    Most people with egg allergies appear to tolerate it fine.

    It may answer questions you may have as well..


  • Thanks for information but as I have had reactions to egg based anaesthetics in the past I'm a reluctant. fortunately I'm still on wait and watch

  • Have you been tested? Might be worth doing again... even on watch and wait, I'm afraid your immune systems is compromised, so you might want to disciss this with a specialist.

    Influenza pneumonia can be fatal... hope you have had your Prevnar13 and Pneumovax23, vaccinations when required...


  • According to my haemotologist my immune system isn't comprised (as of July) so will discuss whether appropriate when I see her early November. I have had pneumonia vaccines. Thanks for you advice

  • If you have CLL, by definition you are immune compromised; it's only a matter of degree, sadly.

    The flu virus can stay viable for many hours on some surfaces, so frequent hand washing and developing the habit of never touching your eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed your hands is essential.

  • I was surprised at my new haemotologist comment (my 3rd in less than 4 years), she was being positive. So I will continue to use wipes etc. Thanks for the advice Sue

  • Laughing, have you had a dentist in hysterics when your skin burns due to their surface anaesthetic before a jab. She tried to dab it off with cotton wool which, of course, pulled the blistered skin off.

    Anyway, that's been 80 minutes since the actual injection of the low doze stuff. Gave my skin 10 minutes for a surface test - nothing.

    Stayed in the doctors waiting room for an hour, started to imagine my lips swelling and chest getting tight. However, there were none of the all over itchiness or cold sweats so decided my head was playing games.

    Now at home, enjoying my second latte of the day and getting ready to celebrate one of my dogs 10th birthday... Which, thankfully, will prove to be the highlight of the day. (Always annoys, never knowing what a cream sponge cake tasted like but Golden Retrievers seem to like them)

    Thus far, I'm convinced about the low doze jag. Shall comment later today.

    You are the first person I've "met" with a proper egg allergy. We are quite thin on the ground.

  • Glad everything has gone well. Enjoy your latte and snooze and happy birthday to your dog.

  • Hi Sue,

    That's been 26 hours without ill effect. I will admit taking antihistimene (spello) "just in case" . Perhaps had a tingle in my lips after 12 hours but it wasn't sufficient to convince me. No shudders, no itching.

    Now enjoying all the symptoms of flu, compressed into a 4 hour window. As can be assumed, now getting better. (For some reason, this happened to me previously with a flu shot)

    Anyways, I'd recommend the low dose flu jab if our egg allergy is indeed similar.


  • Thanks Alistair for the update. Looks like I'll be arranging this week.


  • Best let me get through the weekend. Some swelling on right arm which is quite sore. I thought it "fake flu" related due to joint pain but it definately is not. Quite a solid lump currently.

    However, it seems swelling around the jag site is a site effect, so perhaps I'm being silly.

    Took another aunty hystemean just in case... If this worsens, I shall go to A&E just in case, 'cos I'm a wimp.

  • Take care and go to A&E if it gets worse. Not the best place to go possibly on a Saturday night but ...

  • Hell, I'm in Argyll, Scotland. Waiting times on Sat night are measured by how long it takes a nurse to offer a cuppa.

    Anyway, swelling gone down and arm no longer hot. Seems it is indeed a typical side effect.

    Importantly, no egg symptoms.

  • Great to hear that the symptoms have improved. I'll have to get myself off for mine now 😸

  • Have you had the flu jab yet - and survived?

  • To be honest no. My excuse is that my 92 year old Mum has been in hospital for more than a week so I haven’t had time.

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