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Enlarged ganglion above collar bone

Hi everyone!

About three weeks ago,I felt a lump above my right collar bone.same day I went to emergency and they checked blood,chest x-ray and my heart.everything was normal.As I was scared about maybe sth bad is happening to me,my heart went to 140 per min that night bcuz I am so scared of dr and hospital.They sent me to visit specialist that week.He felt the lump as well and said to do fine needle aspiration.The day of having sample by needle,I was so scared bcuz I didnt know how it is but dont worry it doesnt have any pain,its only feeling like an ant.If I am fine as I am scared of everything,so You will be fine too😊and I did sth similar to ultrasound also.My lump was more than 4cm and above collar bone.All of those dr,they thought about lymphoma cancer.Even in ultrasound he told me oh its like a tumor.As when you search on the internet,the first thing you find for enlarged ganglion above collar bone and size more than 1,2cm is lymphoma.I was scared about 2,3 weeks in my life.Doing nothing just nervous.Wtever pain I had in my body,I was thinking its from cancer or sth.By the way yesterday dr saw me and said they didnt find anything.no cancer no infection.everything healthy.bcuz they did another specific blood test as well and was fine.So I am writing this to tell you yes its good to go to dr when you have a lump but dont be afraid that much.There are a lof of reasons why ganglion can be enlarged and its also rare to be enlarged bcuz of cancer.Mine was in a place that dr thinks about cancer and also was big but was nothing.I recommend to use honey propolis per day also,It helps me so much as When I was waiting for the result and thinking oh its cancer,I searched alot and found propolis so useful for immune system and cancer.Some people are worried that maybe fine needle is not as good as biopsy for being specific but they grab sample from 4,5 places of ganglion and each time put it on two or more glasses that they have for sample,so dont worry is fine.

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Hi Romina and thanks for your post reassuring people not to be afraid to consult their doctor if they suspect something is wrong. I'm so glad that your lump turned out to be a ganglion because you've obviously been very anxious about it. Glad too that the needle biopsy didn't hurt too much.

Romina, do you have CLL or a blood cancer because your post suggests that you have a general fear of cancer and are attempting to reassure people on here not to be fearful. With CLL, enlarged nodes are not so unusual but obviously need to be checked out if they become bulkier or cause issues because we obviously already have cancer. I've never heard of a CLL'er having a lump biopsy above the collar bone that's turned out to be a ganglion however but that would be the ideal outcome. Many of our members have bulky nodes, particularly members with SLL.

I'm glad honey propolis is working out well for you and it is true that honey can have beneficial effects on health. It's just necessary to be a bit cautious if there's any allergy to the ingredients and a certain chemical in propolis can slow blood clotting. Taking propolis can increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders so a CLL'er with low platelets should use it with caution and preferably after medical advice.

If you have CLL, how are you doing generally?

Best wishes,



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