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Blood test results

I'm looking for some advice on my blood test results the receptionist rang me this afternoon saying I need my blood tested again in two weeks,the blood test I got done yesterday the result is my white blood cells are high reference range is between 4-11 mines is at 14 I've been really tired a lot recently that's the reason I went to the doctors, I was diagnosed with CLL August last year.thanks in advance to any replies

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A WBC of 14 is relatively quite low in CLL Rosie and certainly no reason for undue concern unless there are more errant blood levels or symptoms. Unfortunately fatigue can go with the CLL territory even at low levels but many medics don't recognise the link. Make sure your Vit D, B12, thyroid and magnesium levels etc. are at good levels. I pushed my GP to test and prescribe VitD supplements for me and it's really helped.

I'm surprised your doctor is re-testing again in 2 weeks with such a relatively low rise in your WBC over a 9 month period. I'd be jumping up and down if mine managed such a modest increase. Perhaps an infection is suspected but it's good that he's being so thorough. I don't know your age but could the menopause be implicated? Certainly can exacerbate fatigue as can stress and too much pressure.

Certainly nothing to be unduly concerned about. Any idea of your ALC (absolute lymphocyte count)?



Thanks for your reply,I am 58 I have an under active thyroid and diabetes I get liothyronine my diabetes is diet controlled.

I'm feeling a bit irritable slight headaches and sleep a lot more than normal these past couple of weeks,but your information has gave me peace of mind.


Glad to hear it Rosie. Does sound like you've had some problems getting your thyroid levels sorted so may be implicated.

My diabetes is diet controlled too and has to be watched because they conspire with each other to ramp up the infections! :-(

Best wishes (and you might be better to restrict your future more personal posts to the community). Do you know how to do that?


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Are you getting only liothyronine (T3) for your thyroid disease? You need to have blood levels of TSH, free T4 and T3 checked. If you are getting only T3, It is possible to drive down both TSH and T4 and cause some of the symptoms you are describing.


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