Question: Has anyone have a bloating feeling on Venetoclax ?

Question: Has anyone have a bloating feeling on Venetoclax ?

I am on both Imbruvica and full Venetoclax now. I on my 5th cycle of the clinical trial.

Over all I have been pretty good. My numbers have rapidly gone to normal. WBC 4, ALC 1.7 , PLT a little low at 110. Others are good. IGA, IGG, IGM are improving as well.

I have been on full Venetoclax for 2 weeks and I feel bloated and some indigestion a lot.

My Doctor says he does not feel stomach nodes or the spleen growing.

Hopefully it is more of an stomach thing.

Has anyone have a bloating feeling or something like this on Venetoclax ?



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  • Have you changed what time of day you take it, if that is permitted in the trial...?

    Bloating on venetoclax is mentioned in the article from Dana-Farber

  • Yes I can. I changed to after dinner.

    I will check out the article.



  • I have had no side effects on Venetoclax, but I know gastrointestinal problems are possible. Glad to see how good your numbers are!

  • Btw. When do you take it?

    During a meal? After or before ?

  • When do you take your Imbruvica (ibrutinib) ?

  • At night before bed. I like to use the fatigue to help me sleep:)

  • With indigestion from Ibrutinib in the beginning I found drinking lots of water and taking it just before meals helped.

  • Ok. I should drink more water. Thanks.

  • I take Ibrutinib just before (30mins) breakfast and Venetoclax at end of breakfast. My trial specifies "venetoclax within 30 mins of breakfast".

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