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Simple fix for dry cracked fingertips from Imbruvica

As I've commented before dry cracked spitting fingertips and brittle fingernails had become a nuisance due to Imbruvica. Constant application of lotions, liquid bandage always close by, use of Hard as Nails, grease up and sleep with surgical gloves...

And then this... I had been drinking about 2 1/2 to 3 quarts of water daily. I might even have slipped a bit and was consuming closer to just 2 quarts

I recently ramped up my water consumption to 4 quarts per day. A full 2 quarts each morning with my coffee.

Within a week or so of starting this the splitting has virtually stopped. Nails are less brittle. Haven't had to use liquid bandage on a cracked split fingertip in days.

Now I'm not a big fan of water on its own. Really prefer to enjoy it later in the day enhanced with rocks and a daily ( medicinal ) dose of bourbon.

But I'll keep pouring water down if it eliminates the troublesome side effect of Imbruvica.

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Has anyone tried biotin. My dermatologist told me it's strengthens nails. They said it takes about eight months for it to work though. I saw some studies online that said it does work.


Yes, Biotin definitely works.

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I am with you in water consumption. Was never a big drinker in my past but started running a few years ago and realised I needed to hydrate more. So I have been drinking 2 litres a day for a while. I have to confess to not liking tap water so buy it in instead.


May want to run excessive water or any liquid by your doctor. My husband developed hyponatremia from drinking too much liquid which diluted blood sodium. One of his medications always made him thirsty. It got so bad he was hospitalized and his symptoms were alarming as we tried to get him back to normal. It was like Alzheimer's. He had to continue the medication, cut back on liquids to one liter per day plus include more salty foods and ended up on 4000mg sodium tablets per day to stay corrected for years because the brain adjusted to lower sodium than he required. I would say he was consuming about 4 quarts for a few months which started all this. There were no hot days or sweating involved to justify the excess water intake. He did regain his normal mental faculties but it took a couple months.

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I live in Reno, NV , where it is VERY dry, so I normally drink a lot of water. But, some days I get sloppy, and forget. I never associated my brittle fingernails with Imbruvica and this lack of water, until your post. THANKS!

Gary (tryandtry)


Hi Gary, I am a little behind on some posts. I love in Carson City/Douglas County area. I was diagnosed May, 2012, did 6 mos. Chemo and then started Imbruvica May 2016. My fingernails were fine until about 3 months ago. Been taking Biotin for about 3 months but still have issues. Going to try more water and see what happens. Take care neighbor.



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