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cracked fingers with Imbruvica


Hi everyone I think I may have come across a product that may help us suffering from the finger cracks while on Imbruvica. Two years ago when I was hospitalized with neutropenia my lips were severely cracked because of the chlorambucil I was taking. I asked the nurse if she had any lip balm instead she gave me this packet of a gel-like cream. Later I mentioned this to my granddaughter who was nursing at the time. She said to me oh yeah gram that gel is amazing. Ended up throwing the tubes in a drawer and forgot about them. While I was on facebook I came across one of those hack stories that mentioned this cream for finger cracks. The name of the cream is LANSINOH it contains HPA Lanolin and states on the tube --- SOOTHES, HEALS AND PROTECTS SORE NIPPLES. Well, I found the tubes and used it and this morning I still have the cracks but fingers are not too painful and were able to type this out. The only thing is that it is hard to squeeze the cream out of the tube. I suggest getting the little packets or if it comes in a jar. I find if I keep the tube in my jeans pocket it is easier to use. Sounds crazy but I'm willing to try anything that will help. During the day I use a heavy-based lotion after hand washing and use gloves if I wash a few dishes by hand. Also, started using a glove on my right hand when I shower because this is the one that has the cracks. I hope and pray this cream helps all of us suffering from these nasty finger cracks. God Bless all and are in my prayers always.

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Sounds good. My wife bought me rubber finger tips to put on my fingers. I do the lotion routine also but use these when they are really hurting. If I am doing something like playing cards or typing or just using hands in general, they help me get through until fingers improve. I usually am only using one or two at a time. Yes cracked fingers do hurt.


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I have used Teat and Udder cream for years... sounds like a similar product

My favourite is Bag Balm

They work well


Thank you for the info, I will be trying that gel.

if you use the Lansinoh put tube in hot water for a while this will soften it and mix with a little vitamin e oil and put on your fingers I tried that this morning and works great good luck

Many have commented on Bag Balm, which is also lanolin based (learned from Chris), so it may be the lanolin that is the magic ingredient.

Thank you Corkrissa for this tip.


Thank you! I will try to locate that cream. Those little crack are so painful for so long...


I find aloe works very well