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Feeling confused

Okay yesterday we were all jumping for joy because hubbys bloods were all in normal range but today they are all back in the red.

HB 95

WBC 147

What is going on. Has anyone ever come across this before. Drs have suggested a blood test next week and see what happens then.

Oh well we enjoyed seeing normal readings for a while.

Will keep you all informed


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Hi Susiecarer,

Considering the things going on with your husband's health currently I would not be too surprised by the results you are seeing with his HB and WBC results. These will jump about quite a bit on a daily basis and are more reliable if looked at in the longer term. One thing I noticed with the figures you show for today is that values for HB and WBC have exactly the same values as the results before yesterday. In yesterday's post you quoted hubby's results as:

HB ........ 152. (Was 95 yesterday)

WBC ..... 8.84. (Was 147 yesterday)

Platelets .. 256.

In this post you quote the results as:

HB ........ 95.

WBC ..... 147

Is this just coincidence or are you perhaps looking at the wrong days results?

Wishing you both all the best

Kevin - Essex, UK


Hi Foggymind,

They had been taken his bloods on a daily basis, yesterday was that day's reading......but as you saw all his other readings have been round 95 and 147. I must admit I was quite surprised at yesterday's readings, is it poss they read it wrong !!!!

Got him home now, bloods to be taken next week, so once I can get him to start to eat and have his iron tablets at the regular times, hopefully things might get sorted.

Watch this space as they say.



Although unlikely it is possible they read them wrong or got them out of sequence. What is more unlikely in my view is that the two results (HB & WBC) are exactly the same value today as they were on Saturday. Nearly the same would be fine with me but exactly the same is pushing it a bit (although still possible)

Anyway, so pleased your hubby is home with you now. I would forget about blood results for the time being and concentrate on what counts now. You sound like you have everything nicely organised and in hand so make yourselves comfortable and take things a bit easier.

Best wishes

Kevin - Essex, UK


Just reading discharge sheet....HB for yesterday was 85, WBC was 141.95

So looks like they never actually took any bloods today. God only knows where or whose readings I was given yesterday !!!!

Just had to inject fragmin into him and unfortunately lost it, it breaks my heart seeing him like this.

Hope tomorrow will be a bit better all around.



Oh dear, no wonder you're feeling a bit deflated. Hopefully there's a simple reason. Let us know.


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So sorry you have had this stress Susie, I know your husband is attending the same hospital as mine. We had a similar experience a little while ago, boosted by a mistaken reading and brought back down to earth the next day. So hard to cope with when you are already under stress. Hopefully next weeks results will be encouraging and will give you both the boost you need at the moment.


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Sorry to say it but, from what you say there is a strong possibility that somehow your husband's blood test has been mixed up with someone else's. It can happen if it's mis-labelled, either by the phlebotomist or the lab staff. In most UK labs they have software to detect this sort of change which then leads to checking and retesting. Occasionally, they will resort to blood typing to prove it's the wrong sample.

I think you have to put the 'good' results out of your mind.

Keep up with the Fragmin, you don't want a clot on top of everything else!

Best wishes to you both x

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The same thing happened to me. The young intern who was doing the "write-up" for my Hemo/oncologist was convinced that I had a "spontaneous cure". When the Hemo/oncologist came into the room he said probably just a "lab error". Next blood test I was back up to my "abnormal" numbers :-)

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We must have had the same intern! Last June I too was told by an intern that I was "cured"-- not so, just W&W. Thankfully after 13 years of tests I know better, but can't imagine how a new patient might react to that news.


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