WOW, what can I say

Good afternoon everyone.

Well for the first time since January readings are all in the blue instead of red.

HB ........ 152. (Was 95 yesterday)

WBC ..... 8.84. (Was 147 yesterday)

Platelets .. 256.

Potassium is slightly low, but he's not eaten properly since his op, only had jelly and ice cream when tolerated. Has lost a bit of weight but hopefully once he's back in the 'zone' he will start to gain again.

Coming home tomorrow, saw the surgeon today and once again he repeated how pleased he was on how everything went. He commented that the lymph glands around the anus were pretty enlarged but he's more than convinced the swelling is from the CLL, as all reports have said all his lymph glands are swollen, and not from the cancer mass.

Now have got to get used to the ileostomy bag gurgling away !!!!!!

Will keep you informed once we've had our post op appointment......

CLL Clinic appt not until June. Oh I'm feeling so so happy.

Take care everyone

Susiecarer x


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7 Replies

  • Brilliant and very hopeful results Susie. Hope all continues this way because it's looking good! :-)


  • Great news 👍

  • So happy for you Susie, looks like hubby's doing really well. Both of you take care and enjoy your hubby's return home.

    Kevin - Essex, UK

  • Lovely to hear you feeling so happy Susie. Great news 😀


  • Wonderful news Susie, it will be lovely to have hubby home, you can both relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. It is amazing just how noisy the hospital wards can be.


  • Awesome Susie. Happy for you guys.

  • What great news Susie! I am so happy for you both! The worst is over now and healing can begin in earnest. Continuing good thoughts for both of you.

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