CLL Ireland website

Hi all , just wanted to post about our new website for CLL patients in Ireland.

Also my wife Jan's story is in the Living with CLL section.

We also have our first CLL information day which takes place this Saturday with 120 attendees made up of patients caregivers and medical staff In Dublin.

We have three fantastic speakers .

Dr Patrick Thornton Irish CLL expert

Dr Brian Koffman patient and advocate.

Dr Tal Munir UK Consultant working on clinical trials in Leeds


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8 Replies

  • Good news IrishCLL! Hope the website and forum flourishes

    UK Marc

  • Superb initiative and I found Jan's story inspirational. To be diagnosed at 39 with 4 kids under and arghh!

    Hope support site and information day are a huge success and massive best wishes to Jan on her CLL journey.


  • Thanks Newdawn,

    Yes Jan is one special lady.

    I hope we can reach out to patients and help make the changes for better outcomes .



  • Hope all goes well for you on Saturday.


  • Looks like you've got some great speakers. Dr Tal Munir was the doctor who diagnosed my ruptured spleen - I have a lot to thank him for. I've now transferred back to Sheffield so am missing all the Leeds folk. Sorry I won't see you folk there again.

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow.


  • Thanks Paula

    We will see you again .

    I hope you are keeping well .


  • Hi Michael,

    We wish you all the best with the conference. We are confident it will be a huge success.

    We are wishing you well from HK and are hence unable to make it today.

    Berni and Daniel

  • Thanks Bernie and Daniel

    The day has finally arrived

    It's a pity you can't make it . There's always next time .

    Enjoy the break and I hope all the family are well.

    Michael and Jan

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