The inaugural CLL Tribune


The inaugural CLL Tribune launched today at Don't miss it. Lots of hard work by many fellow patients and caregivers. So proud of and grateful for their effort and the articles they wrote.

Also great articles by Dr. Byrd on ibrutinib, Dr. Brown on idelalisib, and a lot more.

Please let us know what you think of it as a whole or any particular articles. I would like feedback on the work I did in the BASICS section on what is CLL with text and linked videos.

Want the next one to be even better. We are looking for patients and caregivers who might want to write an article for the next one or beyond. Let me know. I think the fact that it is patient driven and mostly written by patients is its strength.

Please forward it to friends and please send us your feedback.


Stay strong.

We are all in this together.



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7 Replies

  • This is great Brian. Very informative. Good basic knowledge for us newly diagnosed and nice to hear perspectives from 'real' people. Invaluable to us all whatever the stage of our journey. Thank you. Peggy.

  • Will do Doc. There's a lot of info there. Thanks so much for the newsletter. It looks awesome.


  • I enjoyed reading this. Very informative - thank you. I particularly liked the format '15 most asked questions' on ibrutinib. Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks

  • Loved the newsletter. Your cll/sll was the best I've read, so clear. Linda Landon's article was what so many of us do, I was glad to hear she joined the ACP-196 trial. I'm on that one 6 MO now no headache.

  • Thanks

  • This is so helpful for those of us newly diagnosed (just last week.) So much useful information. I'll look forward to future issues of the CLL Tribune!

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