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FCR lite for relapsed SLL

After having CR for 5 years, oncologist decided to start treatment in next few days. Primary driver is node size and weight loss. My 1st line of treatment was 6 cycles of FCR.

Ibrunitib is available but it's very expensive. Probably this medicine will be in reach for common man in 2-3 years time.

Finally, we have opted for FCR lite and keep BR for future I.e for old age as I am 44 now.

Chemo is starting from 6th April. Hope body will respond well for FCR-lite.

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hope all the best.


Hi Mag1309

Just want to wish you success with FCR lite, hope it achieves a good remission.

Best wishes


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The very best of good wishes sent to you. Xxx

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It seems that ibrutinib is not approved for second line therapy in the UK - correct? It is in the US.

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I am in India. Ibunitib is approved but very expensive. So my planned following best case.

- FCR lite- Starting tomorrow

- on replapse (around age 50 ), go for BR or Ibrunitib. At that time, Ibrunitib will be covered in insurance and affordable also.

Young patient need to go through many therpies before they loose hope.:-(


You might look into a clinical trial. Are you in England? Are there many trials active there? One option would be acalabrutinib trial (2nd generation BTKI).


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