Chlorambucil ( Leukeran)

My father was diagnosed with cll approx., 9yrs ago his health has been quiet good for an 82yr young. But then came the anemia, he had to go for a bone marrow biopsy the other week thanks to reading on here we asked for gas/air they had to go in 3 times but he just laughed through it no problem. He had to go city hospital to see his consultant he was told he would have to start treatment 80% of his bone marrow is cll he has to go back in just over a week they are on about tablet & intravenous chemotherapy just wondered if anyone else had been on Chlorambucil ( Leukeran) ?? If they have experienced any problems and could give any advice??

Many thanks in advance

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  • Hi Julie-

    I was on chlorambucil and prednisone, pills, for 12 months.

    Side effects were minor, fatigue, bruising and hard to get to sleep. I found it best to take pills after dinner. My numbers are slowly rising after 6 months-getting prepared for next therapy.

    Good luck hope your Dad has an easy time with treatment. bill

  • Hi Bill,

    Did you have intravenous chemotherapy as well??

  • Hi Julie-No IV, I think it was 9 pills. Amazingly I forget how often-I'll check with the brains of the outfit when my wife comes home later today.


  • Yes, Kinsiodian, my recall on Chlorambucil was, I think, 6 pills a day for 6 sessions of 2 weeks with a months break. I took the pills and had no side effects. But 2 years later my blood counts went sufficiently awry for me to be put on, the then new, Ibrutinib which is working very well. I do have, better said, did have Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation issues which, at the moment, seems to have been resolved, by consuming no alcohol and by healthy eating with consequent required weight loss.

  • Hi Julie, My experience with Chl as monotherapy for 4 months was not lymph nodes remaned.I august 2016,I begin Rituximab and Chlorambucil for 6 cycles.It was good response.Now I have only Chlorambucil (for 6 months).I take before eat 4 tabl.(8mg) for 7 days in one month.(begin second cycle).Dose Chl is determinated according body weight (I have 40 kg).From the side effects where irritation of the throat,inflamation of the gums,constipation,fatigue,sweets,,viremia, blood pictures is neutropenia and lymphopenia. It is it. Greeting Olga

  • Hi thank you everyone for your reply we will just have to see what happens and hope you are all feeling much better.

  • Hi Julie-

    My chlorambicil and prednisone routine was 8 pills a day for 5 consecutive days, once a month, for 12 months. Symptoms are starting up again after 6 months of feeling good. Had night sweats last night ibrutinib is looking good.

    Best wishes to you and your Dad

  • Side effects were minimal. I do have a little advice: if he has to take 15 pills in a day, make sure he doesn't take all of them at once. I take them with food 3 times a day with no problems.

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