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Benefit in CLL of H pylori eradication?


Hello !

Does anyone have any knowledge of any connection between CLL and H pylori infection?

I know there were clinical trials years ago which showed that stable remissions in Gastric Lymphomas could be induced by the eradication of H pylori, and wonder what became of this knowledge and whether it might have the same effect on CLL.

I have had H pylori twice, pre-CLL, but have never been tested for it since CLL diagnosis.


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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

I went down the H.pylori road in 2002/3 and was treated ... then there were links I recall in perhaps 2008 to H.pylori and ITP...

Not certain there is much interest in this area in CLL currently... other than the entire gut microbiome... and MALT



There is a reported association between ITP and certain strains of H Pylori (in 2009/2010) and, of course H Pylori is associated with lymphoma. I had ITP and asked to be tested, always worth doing as both the test and treatment is straight forward.

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