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CLL patients living in France?


My husband was diagnosed with CLL last year and is in the Watch & Wait period. We are British, but live in France. Given the different healthcare system, I wondered if there was anyone else on this forum who also lives in France who perhaps can share any experience/ knowledge they have about how CLL is treated in France and where CLL specialists maybe.

Many thanks in advance!

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Can you detail your area within France.?

For example I know of an excellent heamatologist/oncologist just across the border in Switzerland.

Also check the list of CLL doctors world wide on the help pages of ACOR.




I'm French, all the big hospitals in France have CLL specialists

You shoudn't have any problem to find a good hematologist




There are a few ex pat Brits living in France who post here from time to time. They may find your post and hook up. This is a good place to mix with others across boarders and share experiences ask question.

France has a very well developed Association for the Support and Information for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Waldenstrom's disease ( SILLC ) with a website with a translate facility. There you can learn about French specifics, ask questions and join their interactive forum and ask others in France about who's who. The SILLC is well supported by the French CLL clinical community.

website: sillc-asso.org/sillc


What part of France do you live in? I am near Agen where I know there is an English speaking specialist.



Hello there - we are I exactly the same boat, husband diagnosed last year, watch and wait. Based in the Languedoc, clinical care seems fine so far but, me more than him, I feel the lack of a support network. At the moment, he doesn't want to tell anyone, for various reasons, and I struggle with this a bit.


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