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Just a cold!


I was dx nearly a year ago and am on W and W with 6 monthly blood tests so I generally try to put my CLL on a back burner, with just the odd reminder when unexplained little bruises appear on my inner arms, or on low energy days.

I would like to know if it's the CLL which is making me feel so exhausted while I'm fighting a cold and cold sore? I've had worse colds but this has left me whacked.

Luckily I've had both the flu and pneumonia vaccines.

Thank you every one on this site for your support, information and encouragement. 🌺

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Hi Saska-Jul31,

I too have a persistent cold (and cold sore). It hit me when I had almost recovered from a nasty cough and chest infection. Like you I'd say it's not the worst cold I've ever had, but the exhaustion is horrible - so draining. It's the reason I've been much quieter than usual on this site - I just haven't got the energy or mental capacity.

From what I've heard, this year's coughs, colds, viruses etc have been particularly aggressive and persistent (in the UK anyway). I'm sure our CLL is not helping us, but even people without CLL are struggling with these bugs and with feeling washed out afterwards. (eg my husband and sister who are usually very healthy)

This probably isn't much help to you, but at least you know you're not alone...

Wishing you well,



Thank you, it does help to know that this is a normal reaction.

Take care and warm wishes, Sue


I absolutely agree Paula. I'm not sure what this cold/flu bug is in the UK this year but I have relatives ill who never usually have colds. Hope you feel better soon Paula.

Just look after yourself Saska and get treatment for the cold sores which we can be at greater risk from. Plenty of rest, fresh air, drinks and seek medical advice if it persists, particularly if you become chesty.

Best wishes,



Hi Saskia,

Just back from GP re this very thing! Had a rotten cold for 2 weeks now and worried. GP reassured me that my lungs are relatively clear and the pain in my back is due to intercostal strain from coughing so hard. Did have a high temperature so been prescribed Doxycycline as she suspects something not quite right! Told to rest, plenty of fluids and paracetamol for fever and aches. Apparently this is a horrible cold that is taking longer for everyone to recover from not just we CLLRS.

Hope you feel better soon. Take care x


Thank you


Update on horrible cold. Not sure what to do as don't like making a fuss however not improved at all. In fact feel much worse as I have now been hit with severe diarrhoea despite having completely lost my appetite. I have been in bed for most of the week; sleeping,sweating and occasionally shivering. I now suspect that the antibiotic may be part of the problem. Worried about next steps ,stop taking the Doxycycline or finish the dose.


Really sorry you are still so ill.

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I try to avoid colds etc but one got me 10 days ago and caused a chest infection. GP gave me antibiotics which seemed to help taking my temp from 39.9 to 37.8 but the coughing. So today it was my 6 month post FCR check up so I asked the doctor to check me over. Sputum test and xray. To advise what type of medicine to use. I asked him if CLL was the cause of the infection, no. I asked if CLL contributed to the infection, no. My bloods are super and my bone marrow is working . He thought I'd just caught it off some else and that could have been at the supermarket.

Waiting for a phone call tomorrow with prescription advice but happy. HB 121. WBC 4.35 and those pesky lympocyctes 0.58.

Get on with life.


Really pleased for you.😀

Good to know that CLL doesn't necessarily make cold worse.


Be careful as Saska has done. CLL is a cancer of the immune system.

Be vigilant and get vaccinated.



Please Saskia do NOT assume that because you have had pneumonia jabs you will never get pneumonia, or at least something very much like it. I did and am VERY lucky to have lived to tell the tale. Like you I was on W&W in 08 when i got a cold that wouldn't shift. The first doctor I saw gave me some meds which had little effect. Fortunately Xmas was approaching so I saw another Dr just before the great shutdown. The Dr called an ambulance to take me to hospital. Nobody ever discovered what bug i'd got but they called it pneumonia just to have a label on it. I remained in hospital until early March and was not fit to return to work until June!

With regard to cold sores they should begin to clear in about a week. if Zovirax isn't working consult your pharmacist. They will have a quick inspection and advise if you need something stronger. Mine once refused to sell me anything until I got a prescription and sent me off to the doctor for an urgent appointment. 3 hours later I was prescribed a tube of Aciclovir for use four times a day. Now if I see the tell tale signs I just apply a light coating and it hopefully goes away. If I run out my consultant who I see much more frequently than my doctor just prescribes more. The alternative is not a pretty sight as it looks like somebody has drawn in red over my eyes, nose and beneath to my lips. Yuk!


Thank you for your most helpful reply? I am sorry you were so very ill with pneumonia, it sounded dreadful and went on for so long!

Yes, I use Zovirax for cold sores and have aciclovir to take orally x5 day for really bad ones.

Wishing the best of good health,



Hi Everyone....I also have a cold that I got one week ago. I haven't been sick or had a cold in 10 years. I'm on w&w for almost five years. So, this gets me wondering if the CLL is getting worse or if I just have a good cold. My lymphs back of my neck are more pronounced and hurt as if trying to fight this thing. A lot of stuff going around here in my state of Arizona. I've had the flu vaccine and the first of the pneumonia shots, but I haven't had blood work for six months. I don't think I should go in now, that I should wait until this is over. I am feeling rotten.


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