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Travel and Maleria

Appeared this morning on BBC news, I think, as we are immuno-compromised it is worth a quick read for anyone heading to a 'malaria area'.


Make sure you travel safe, best, rob

PS: I had to edit the web address as it had google all splattered in it, no need for google to be involved. Let me know if I broke it. (First new post added and edited by the iPhone HU app).

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Link works fine. It is so important for us,the special people not to get bit in the first place. DEET products. Citronella shower gels. Covered arms and legs at twilight or in high vegetation areas. Malaria problem countries are listed and should be considered before booking a holiday. Me, can't wait to go to Sri Lanka and it's now malaria free but every anti bite precaution will be made.


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