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Hello to You All. I wonder if anyone out there has had the same problems as I have finding an affordable health travel insurance. I had a successful course of BR 2 years ago and still in remission. I also have had hypertension for many years and am on daily medication for this. We want to have a week in the Canaries in a couple of weeks and find that most companies will not insure me and of the few that will, the premium is about £400! If I exclude the CLL, the premium drops to about £100! Has anyone got any tips or information. I wonder if my E111 would give me the required cover, after all we ARE still in the EU!

Best wishes to all.

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  • I think travel insurance is still advisable with E111. Spain has been directing tourists to private healthcare providers and insurance seems to be more expensive. We are heading to Europe this year and prices I have got exclude Spain. Not sure if Canaries have the same problem.

    I was told that the problem with excluding CLL could mean that the insurance company might argue that illness was somehow related to immune problem .

    The other issue is if you need flown home. E111 wouldn't cover that.

  • Thanks for your advice. Great help. Will check on the Canaries.


  • I use Free Spirit they seem ok but I'm still on active surveillance untreated.

    I would declare everything and not hold back info to get it cheaper it could end up costing a whole lot more.

    Jules The Flyer

  • Thank you for the advice. You are quite right - everything has to be declared. JP

  • You may find some pinned posts about this or you could search as it is a common problem.

    World First is a company that was mentioned previously.

    Give the search a try.

  • Sound advice thanks. World First has come out best so far. Best wishes JP

  • Hi jaxpax,

    It is an EHIC card you have not an E111 because they were phased out in 2006 and replaced with the European Health Insurance Card? Just make sure it's still up to date because it can be obtained free of charge. Yes you can still use the EHIC card (with your passport) at any public hospital in the Canaries but you need to specify you want to be taken to a State hospital and not a private one. Ambulances have a tendency to head straight to private hospitals!

    I'm untreated but have other pre-existing conditions. I've managed to obtain an annual travel insurance with World First for a very reasonable cost. I agree with the others. You could exclude cover for CLL but if for instance you contracted pneumonia, they'd probably argue it was CLL related. It's the repatriation costs that are the concern. Good luck!


  • Thanks Newdawn - your advice is as sound as ever! World First has come up with the best quote so far. I must get rid of my E111 and get the EHIC card!!! Best wishes. JP

  • Pleased to hear that Jaypax! Hope you have a lovely holiday :-)


  • Thanks for this recommendation Newdawn, I've just searched for this thread as our usual insurer (Insure & Go) have put our premiums up by 50% this year compared to last year. I've just looked at World First and they came out much much lower, in fact about half of what we paid last year - they definitely have a new customer now!

  • Hello there - please look at the very helpful replies I had to a recent post. We got very reasonable quote from Tracel First for travel in Europe including Spain - covering my husbands heart condition too... there were lots of suggestions there and it's worth giving them a go. Good luck!

  • Do you mean World First Kath? Here's the link;


  • Hi Newdawn. Yes, I think that's it and it's the best quote I've had to date. Thanks


  • Oops yes - please vest in mind Newdawn that I typed that post at 6:30 am while waiting for the train - think you passed me the information in the first place!!! Thanks for that ❤️

  • Thank you. Best quote I've had! Best wishes.


  • Jaypax, just bear in mind that World First expect you to use a public hospital in the first instance (in the EU) and a private hospital can only be used with their approval. I checked this out with them this week. I'm still debating whether to take a risk and travel with just EHIC cover. It's a bit of a minefield! :-(

    Sorry that was also meant as a reply to Sue58282


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