How to manage sores and cuts on fingers with Ibrutinib? (Started treatment after seven years with SLL)

I have been taking imbruvica for four months for sll. First diagnosed in 2009. I feel much better and my wbc has gone down from 246,000 to 76,000. Dramatic change.

Side effects - if anyone has experienced sores and cuts on your fingers (cuticle mostly) and same on my toes. Healing time is very slow.

Thanx, Mac

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  • There are many previous posts regarding sores on fingers and in mouth. For starters, you might see my reply about how I have managed mine, and then look for more.

  • I've been on just over 6 months. About 4 months in my finger tips started splitting. Made it painful to touch or pick up things .

    I've tried to up my fluid intake but most effective is keeping hands well lubricated.

    I apply Eucerin several times a day and about every other night I really grease up my hands and sleep with surgical gloves on.

    A pharmacist in this group also suggested and reported using lotions containing 20% urea as very effective. I'll buy some of that soon.

    When the skin splits it's easy to snag fabrics..trimming the dead skin away helps


  • I've had this problem...very painful. I use Working Hands at night and wear white cotton gloves.

  • Hi ellislm,

    For splitting skin due to winter dryness I apply a dab of "Bag Balm" used by farmers on cow udders. Just massage in a small amount. For splitting and weak nails I use a pill supplement called Biotin 5000mcg (note: not mg) which is not perfect but a definite improvement if not taking any.


  • You can get a tape for fingers and toes which has a steroid and works great. My fingers were cracked and needed help.

  • Thanks. What is the name of the tape with the steroid?

  • Haelan tape. It's really good

  • Hi Mac-

    After 2 plus years on ibrutinib - I have tried a few therapies to heal the annoying cuts. Liquid bandaid works as a temporary fix.

    The best treatment is to keep the cut covered. I have bandaid tape with me at all times. It usually closes and heals in a day or two with this this method.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks for all the comments. I have been taking Biotin for a while now..helps a little with my nails, I guess. Recently have had to use liquid bandaid a lot for what I thought were paper cuts on my see many have this problem with Ibutinib. I have been on it for 18 months now. Good to have this network.

  • I too have cuts on my fingers and my cuticles are messed up. I try to keep the skin moisturizer. If the cut is really bad, I use neosporin and cover with a waterproof bandaid.

  • I have the same painful problem. I find steroids of little help. Biotin & clear nail polish for the men is reported to help some for their nails.

  • Any one know why this is one of the side effects ????


  • Ibrutinib inhibits Bruton tyrosine kinase by covalently binding to cysteine 481.

    Whether ibrutinib affects the hair and nails by binding and altering cysteine-rich proteins of hair and nails or by means of another mechanism remains unknown.

  • Thank you chris , not much we can do then just try and address problem if it occurs .......wish i had you in my human biology classes at uni .......



  • thank you all for your interest

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