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The best (and worst) ways to beat mosquito bites

The best (and worst) ways to beat mosquito bites

With our increased risk of infection with CLL and the often excessive reaction to mosquito bites some of us suffer, this article by Cameron Webb, Clinical Lecturer and Principal Hospital Scientist, University of Sydney, may provide you with useful tips towards much needed relief from these irritating and potentially dangerous insects:


I recently rode through a nearby conservation park and had the great pleasure of having hundreds of these Klug's Xenica or Marbled Xenica : Geitoneura klugii klugii butterflies fluttering around and brushing against me for over a kilometer...

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Beautiful butterflies and what a great experience. Thanks for sharing, Neil.

I am so glad I live in an area that is not plagued by mosquitoes as they just love me and their bites have always tormented me with large welts and horrible itching. I have lived in mosquito infested areas before and they swarmed around me while leaving others alone, even though I didn't use perfumed products. Have to bath in deet before they leave me alone. Can't imagine what it would be like now with CLL, and am in no rush to find out.


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