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This is my first post and I would like some help if possible please. I have been on wait and watch for the last 5 years and my blood test results over that time have been pretty stable, that is until about six weeks ago I had quite a bad bleed from my Prostate which resulted in me being taken to A & E with water retention, a blood test was taken this revealed quite a sharp in my blood results , I was given a cystoscopy and the result revealed I had a growth on my prostate. this was later removed and a biopsy was taken, this revealed that there were CLL cells present in the biopsy. I was given an appointment with an haematologist and they are now thinking of giving me treatment after some further tests, when I asked the doctor if this was normal she stated that she and other members of staff had not come across this. I would be obliged if there anyone who can give me some help on this.



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  • Hi Terrence, naturally I can't pretend to have any knowledge on this and it would appear that leukaemic infiltration into the prostate is quite an unusual occurrence, hence your medics knowing of no other cases. I'm wondering if it's radiation treatment they're suggesting because this case study I'm posting (which is quite recent), seems to have used this method for treating lymphocytic infiltration of the prostate. I'm not sure if it helps but I'll post this particular case;

    Wishing you well and hoping others may be able to help. I do think however that it may be quite rare. Hoping they can sort this for you.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Newdawn for your prompt reply, I have read the case and found it most informative and was quite relieved that local treatment could be an option.


  • CLL-PI is quite is a two year old article that discusses this in general in lymphomas and leukemiasl... note there are a number of sections


    Italian study

    From 2003

    You really should consider a top level CLL specialist for a second opinion and treatment options..


  • Thanks Chris for your advise I will certainly consider this option.


  • Thanks Chris for your reply, now I realise why my group of doctors had never experienced this particular problem in the prostate, I have read some of articles but I find some of it quite technical, perhaps the doctors when I mention it can throw a bit more light on it, at my next appointment in January.


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