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visit to my primary doctor

Had a small mole frozen off yesterday and my doctor found a large lump under my right arm. It is not sore, but more fatty like. He has me seeing the surgeon next Tuesday. There is no pain in this area, but he is still concerned. Any thing I should be concerned with? Diagnosed with CLL last September and on the wait and watch. It seems this lump has grown very quickly.

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Firstly has your doctor considered this may be an enlarged lymph node?

Which is a common occurrence with cll.

Seems a bit quick to get it out by surgery without first checking it out they are either fully aware of what it is or may be jumping the gun without A biopsy but hey what do I know I'm not medically trained.

I take it you told him about your cll?

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, he is aware of the CLL and felt it was better to have a surgeon take a look at it. Not sure if it needs to be removed, but he felt it was best to have another doctor take a look. It has grown so fast and doesnt appear to be a lymph node. He is concerned because of all the arteries in that area. Seems to be just another thing to be concerned about. Getting really tired of being messed with.

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Hey at least you are being looked after!

It could be worse they could be ignoring you and that would be much worse!

I had so many visits to the hospital for different things they asked me to the staff Xmas party lol

Best wishes



Ask to see your CLL specialist ASAP. This growing lump could well be CLL related and you may need treatment other than surgery.



Thanks for the advice. I made an appointment to see the Oncologist for this Monday. I really thank all of you for your advice and support. It is good to know I don't have to face this alone.


Glad to hear you are seeing your oncologist and do hope it is not serious. This could be a lipoma, which is just a fatty deposit, which feels soft and moveable. They are surgically removed if causing discomfort, such as when they are pressed against when lying down, or by clothing.

Sending my best wishes,

Sandy Beaches

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