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David Refuses Chemo and Heals Naturally


Hello everyone. All of us with CLL sometimes find it helpless where to turn when being bombarded with theories from everyone. I never heard about a reversal of CLL but I found this link.


Has anyone ever tried this diet or heard anything close to this? I have read positive and negatives about diets and supplements for everyone has a different immune system. It seems what works for one person may not work for others. I still find it encouraging to read this. So great to have this forum and share information about CLL. It's comforting to know that we don't walk alone, we share the same shoes.

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CLL is a rare disease and spontaneous remissions are also rare, but not unknown:


David's protocol covers the gamut from what may slow CLL progression, through food and supplements that are benign and not known to be active against CLL, to alternative treatments like attempts to change pH and taking B17/laetrile that show negligible evidence for any effect and can be dangerous. I admire his faith and dedication, but not his scattergun approach.

The difficulty with chronic illnesses and natural cures are many, with the primary difficulty with stories like David's being that with a trial of one person and so many lifestyle modifications, if any of what he is doing was effective, we have no way of scientifically teasing it out. What is known as 'regression to the mean' is a potent source of deception. We seek help when we are out our sickest and whatever we do then, often coincides (but isn't necessarily the cause of) improved health: dcscience.net/2015/12/11/pl...

Our bodies must maintain our pH within an extremely narrow range or we get very ill. Drinking/eating something with a pH different from that is quickly nullified by changes in our urine and lungs. Measuring our urine as a means of assessing our blood pH is quackery: sciencebasedpharmacy.wordpr...

B17 or laetrile is a very popular alternative treatment, but there's little evidence that it works and you risk cyanide poisoning taking it. From livestrong.com/article/4671...

'Effectiveness Testing

In 1978, the National Cancer Institute conducted a case study, soliciting information from 400,000 medical professionals. Data derived from this case study showed that only 93 out of 75,000 patients who had taken vitamin B-17 reported any improvement. No evidence of anti-cancer or anti-tumor benefits has been found in 20 years of scientific testing on animals, according to the American Cancer Society, which also cites a clinical trial conducted in 1981 that showed no anti-cancer benefit of vitamin B-17.


Vitamin B-17 may cause the release of cyanide in your bloodstream, according to the University of California at San Diego. Cyanide is a toxic chemical that can cause respiratory arrest and muscle weakness. In some cases, cyanide toxicity can be fatal. Other risks of using vitamin B-17 include dizziness, headaches, nausea and vomiting. Eating ground or crushed fruit pits or eating raw almonds may increase cyanide toxicity risk, according to the American Cancer Society.'

Personally, I'd like to have solid evidence that David did have CLL via some independent testing, charting changes in his CLL symptoms until they no longer can be found (as presented in table and figure 1 in the spontaneous remission paper I first referenced).

Here's a useful summary of many substances that do show promise of activity against CLL - not cure it, but hopefully to slow progression: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/213...


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Very insightful AussieNeil. I appreciate the information and Thank you.

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Here is the full paper Neil mentions... I actually had a documented regression of CLL when I lost a great deal of weight... it wasn't a remission, but it turned the clock back about 2 years... lots of exercise and minor changes in diet, reduction of salt, sugar, fat... cooking from scratch.


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Thank you Cllcanada, much appreciated

I have always believed in seeking nontraditional approaches to maintaining a healthy body, and I admit to many of the dietary approaches described in David's story. Yet, despite being a vegetarian - almost vegan - for 35 years, eating no sugar, daily brewing of tea from organic dandelion greens and burdock root to maintain liver and kidney health, as well as fostering a spiritual approach to life, and exercising and keeping my now 77 year old body active, I developed CLL.

I don't have time at the moment to describe in greater detail my approach, and will do so at another time. I honestly feel that my regimen has helped my body accept medications with a minimum of side effects, and to look and feel pretty healthy despite what is going on in the hidden recesses of my immune system.

What we don't know about David's story is what his DNA says about his disease. Is he mutated or unmutated? Does he have a genetic propensity to the disease or not? What were his blood levels, tumor burden, and bone marrow involvement? Did he repeat tests at the end to determine if there were changes in his levels? Or has he relied on the word of a nonspecialist who is intuiting his progress -- what does it mean to be "halfway there"?

More later.

I have read the Chris story, Dave one and I think the other is Steve, all doing different methods and one was more to the raw food.

I also read Dr. Johanna Budwig’s , the cottage cheese and flaxseed with flaxseed oil but because we are early days, I am the one who rushed out, got the organic stuff, the cottage cheese etc, why, because part of me believed and another part hoped.

I do believed good food, natural as possible is good for you, would it cure anyone, no idea, but I do think healthy eating say 80% helps us to fight better.

It's always good I think to read all we can and do all we can to help ourselves. When I was first diagnosed (and after I could actually manage to eat again with the stress!) I embarked on a strictly healthy diet. For me, it just wasn't sustainable, my love of sweet food and a glass of sauvingon blanc soon won me over. BUT, hat's off to anyone who can, I admire them greatly. I also believe in the power of the mind, so that plays a part I think

Thanks for the post, interesting reading.


Thank you to all who responded with comments to this post. I must say I'm getting so much more information on CLL than ever before. I'm starting to believe that everyone with CLL has a different genetic blueprint on how they react to diets, supplements or treatment. What works for one may not work for another. Do you take the approach of an overwhelming change in lifestyle by consuming every plant, seed or supplement that is helping others or do you take the approach of stop being paranoid. Don't let CLL consume you daily to the point of not living. As Peggy4 mentions believe in the power of the mind and yes a glass of sauvingon also wins me over. Accentuate the positive in CLL with support forums like this and eliminate the negative thoughts of CLL holding us all hostage. All the best everyone.

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Well said. I agree. In my humble opinion Our DNA or past environmental exposure, our genes affect how and what works to regress CLL.

Many friends with good intentions have pointed me to approx 15 different methods in order to cure me. I go to the source and ph the people whom promote their methods and I find very interesting facts . Some only have stage 1 CLL, others are selling a product,some are not sure what stage they are at because they didn't go to a dr. afterwards. etc.Others swore by the cure and then did pass on.

A man I did phone that had nothing to sell, took the chemo, etc and has regressed for the last 5 yrs. His attitude was, do it, and move on with life because it is short. I have met others also that have done the chemo etc that are now living well beyond what they were told they would using conventional medicine.Go figure!

So everyone has to do what they think is best for themselves. It is wonderful that we have a free country in order to do as we wish with our health. There is no right nor wrong , it just is.

Yes, I believe in the power of the mind, have a brandy and enjoy life. (my product I am selling, haha)

Why fight running around drinking wheat grass, smoking a joint, taking B7, or what ever and not enjoy the day because we might have forgotten to drink the cure!

This is my journey to travel on and to learn.This is my destiny. I did not plan for it, however, I will do as much as I can with grace, dignity and love towards others and enjoy every sunrise and sunset.

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