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Surprisingly simple common cold vaccine may defend against many strains

Surprisingly simple common cold vaccine may defend against many strains

'As common as the common cold is, scientists have so far been unable to develop a viable vaccine against it, largely due to the fact that there are over 100 strains of rhinoviruses, the most common cause of the infection. Now, a team at Emory University has used a surprisingly simple technique, mixing multiple types of rhinovirus into one vaccine, and found it stimulated the immune system against all of the included types.'


Professional article:

While I really hope that this research does end up saving us from the misery of enduring colds (with the associated risk of dangerous complications), it does remind me of 'Report on a Vaccine for the Treatment and Cure of the Common Cold', some Cold Humor, by MD Alan E. Nourse, a favourite short story from my youth, which is available as text from:

or if you prefer it narrated:

This was probably my first professional introduction (almost 50 years ago) of why we have clinical trials - and why thorough long term tracking of the trial participants is so important...


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Thanks for the humorous read, Neil. While the story is fictitious, there is the reality of the intricacy and intermingling of life forms--how we can be felled by that which we cannot even fathom exists--and a curiosity of research gone too far possible at any turn.


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