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The Americas declared the first region to eliminate the measles

The Americas declared the first region to eliminate the measles

As it was with smallpox, polio, rubella and congenital rubella syndrome, the Americas has become the first region in the world to eliminate measles. The announcement was made this week during the 55th Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), crediting mass vaccination over the last few decades. But while no new cases are originating in the region, officials warned that measles can still be brought in from overseas, meaning vaccination efforts need to be maintained to keep the disease under control. :

Just shows what is possible with public vaccination programs - the elimination of specific diseases, by country, continent and eventually world wide...


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Sudden increase in measles cases prompts UK health warning

Public Health England urges people to see GP if they have not received two doses of MMR vaccine after 20 cases confirmed.

Polio has taken too long to eradicate due to reluctance to be vaccinated - similar to the return of measles due to many not getting the vaccine a few years ago .


This is great news indeed but could quickly become undone I'd if the "anti vac" people have their say! There are continuing debates about this in the states, and these anti-vac people are very vociferous. Wonder what they would say if one of their children got it.

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3 cases of measles in my hospital this month... the day after I was there...


Just ignorance... in my view..



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