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10 ways tech is improving cancer research

10 ways tech is improving cancer research

A Techrepublic article has just highlighted some exciting technological developments, with the following probably more relevant to CLL than the other items, which are more relevant to solid tumours:

1. Microsoft Project Hanover: Maximizing research

2. NASA: Using space technology to find cancer markers

4. IBM Watson: Analyzing research and developing treatment

5. CRISPR: Inactivating cancer mutations

9. Gene editing: Engineering immune cells

10. CIVO: Testing drug impacts

Article: techrepublic.com/article/10...

The good thing about a chronic cancer such as CLL is that we should personally be able to benefit from some of these initiatives!


Photo: Pink Fairy Orchids photographed in the native scrub this week

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Excellent article. We believe that the blue sky thinking that people working in tech take will make a difference to Cancer research. Thanks for posting.


Here's hoping something like the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative can contribute a unifying presence of the best and the brightest in science and technology to address the problems and solutions of so many diversified efforts.

I'm not sure - although sincere and motivated - VP Joe Biden is the best choice for this task.

Love your photography.



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