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6-month post FCR

I'm a little late posting this- as I had no choice but to go back to work which has been EXHAUSTING!!! My Oncologist is happy with my blood levels so he released me to go back 8/1- I'm obviously very happy that my levels are good.

Unfortunately, the chemo caused other issues (according to my neurologist) and I am still VERY tired- BUT again thankfully not NEARLY as tired as I was a year ago at this time. A year ago, before FCR-Lite I wouldn't be able to watch TV at night much at all without falling asleep while watching (and while fast forwarding LOL) and that would be a show that started at 8pm! I would fall asleep during teaching etc.

Now, I still SOMETIMES doze off and have a hard time staying awake in the afternoon at work but overall it's so much better, but my memory isn't as good and I have a few other issues.

But I wanted to say that in my opinion it was worth it because I can actually do things and not worry about when my nap is, I can (since I have no choice) go to work, I can watch TV :), I can go to lunch and enjoy it without my friends saying "we should go before you fall asleep";

Overall, most of my blood work is close to normal, my WBC hasn't been this close to normal in probably close to 10 years! My lymphocytes are even getting close to normal. I am back on W&W which is good! I see my Oncologist again in 2 more months then if all keeps going well, we will move it to 6 months :)

I wanted to thank you all for your support during the last year especially, I complained a lot about not having my "real" family for support and you guys always listened and were nice about it...

As soon as I can "get ahead" at work which hopefully will be this weekend, I promise I will try to come on more often!

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Hi Rebecca

It is so lovely to hear your heart felt words And iI'm so pleased that you found it all worthwhile. Treatment of any kind is never nice but you got there. Brilliant!

I hope it lasts a long time.


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Good to hear you are feeling good about having the treatment. Here's hoping you continue to improve in the days ahead. It sounds like your work buddies are there for you.


So glad that it was all worth it and you've got at least some of your strength and energy back.



Glad to hear it was all worthwhile and your feeling better, nice to hear from you again too.

Take Care

Elle ☺




Get back to normal ASAP !


I understand what it feels like to get your energy back. I hope everything progresses nicely for you.


Excellent news!


Overall, obviously, good news - though I'm a little surprised that you had to go back to work despite still clearly feeling tired and at occasional risk of dropping off... sounds a bit insensitive to me...

Looking back, fatigue was my first symptom... I'd nod off anytime after 6pm in front of the TV... but retired before diagnosis a few months later. Hope your energy levels continue to pick up, so that you can cope well with the strains of work as time goes on.


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