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Acupuncture for Fatigue

Hi Fellow CLL-ers,

I've been waiting to write this until enough time had gone by to provide a sufficient test. Now it has, and I can.

Acupuncture had reduced my fatigue levels dramatically. I feel almost back to normal.

I have posted here before about fatigue and its effects on my life. At that time I felt my energy level was something like 40 percent of normal, though I was (and am) at W&W. Then I started acupuncture. I have a terrific, well-trained practitioner in a clinic that gets five-star ratings on all the web-based consumer sites.

The effects didn't spring into being overnight, although I felt noticeably better after maybe three weeks. I was going twice weekly-- thank goodness my Medicare supplementary policy pays for it.

Over time the fatigue decreased. Then some more. Then some more. I also take a Chinese herbal formula that has furthered the energy boost. (Don't tell my hematologist! I'm sure he wouldn't approve.) Now I can say I am at a full 75-80 percent of normal. I'll be flying to visit my brother and sister-in-law at Christmas. The thought of the ordeal that air travel has become doesn't upset me. I'm making plans to visit friends in Norway this summer. A few months ago, the very idea would have exhausted me.

Mind you, I also do water aerobics twice a week, walk my dog every day, and stay away from foods that are inflammatory (in my case it's dairy, gluten and sugar). I take supplements as recommended by my doctor, including green tea and tumeric. I've been sober for more than four years (hooray!), so I don't drink alcohol. I'm sure all those things help as well, but I had been doing them all when I was still exhausted.

Acupuncture is widely accepted as a treatment for pain, though not yet for fatigue. If you're tired all the time, as I was, I hope you can find a great acupuncture practitioner and try it for yourself. Who knows? Might be a Christmas (or Hanukkah??) miracle!

Happy holidays, everyone.

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Really really pleased to hear all the positives with you now .You sound so upbeat which is great .

I have has acupuncture in the past for a neck problem along with physiotherapy and it worked a treat .

I am sure that we don't give alternative meds the recognision that they deserve .

Well done and may the good times continue for you .

Enjoy your Christmas


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Delighted to hear that this worked for you Ducksoup! Long may it continue...

Enjoy a reinvigorated festive season!



That's sounds amazing. Im very happy to hear it. I am open to trying this myself but I would have to find someone I trust as my experiences with alternative medicine (a 5 star rated chiropractor who told me that my spine not being aligned was what caused my cancer and would gladly fix it as long as I could pay his practice the low low price of $6000 for an annual membership) isn't great. Is there a particular type of acupuncture? Is it a traditional practitioner or a modern trained person? Did you explain the cancer or just the fatigue? This could be a life saver as my fatigue has been beating me up again.


Petey, I hope you can find a good acupuncturist. The chiropractor sounds like he has the ethics of a pig. Complementary medicine does not CURE cancer. For an acupuncturist, I would check out Yelp reviews, talk to friends, etc. My practitioner is a Caucasian trained in Chinese medicine in a highly respected school here in the Twin Cities of MN. The school is led by a man from China. I would not recommend a chiropractor or other practitioner who has been trained in acupuncture on the side. Also, many hospitals these days have a complementary medicine unit. You could also try there. I did talk about the CLL as the cause of my fatigue. Hope it helps for you! And spread the word if it does.


I live in DTLA which is pretty hip and very Asian so I think I might be able to find someone who has a nice blend of modern and traditional. I'm going to start looking. And yes the chiro was an absolute quack. He looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if he would refund my money to my family of i died under his care. It's funny because apparently he's very good at what he does and has no reason to sell snake oil and tell sad stories about how his father dying of cancer and suffering through chemo made him discover the gift of spinal adjustments. So gross and unethical.



I had acupuncture for neck and back pain and it was fantastic. The acupuncturist wanted to do more treatments for the fatigue, but it wasn't in my budget, unfortunately.

Can you please share what kind of green tea and turmeric you take? I have found some organic green tea extract products and debating which to try.




I buy regular green tea extract at Whole Foods. No particular brand. But I'm fussy about the turmeric and, usually with assistance, find one that is highly digestible. I think the one I'm taking now includes pepper for absorption. Tumeric is fussy stuff. Ask a clerk at your favorite health foods place to get one that will actually go to work for you. Wish you could get more acupuncture. More insurance plans should pay for it!

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