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Expert report from the wCLL in Sydney

Greetings: Dr. Phillip Thompson, CLL specialist, from MD Anderson in Houston, served as our correspondent from the iwCLL meeting in Sydney last week. Here’s his report on patientpower.info


I hope this is helpful. We’ll have more expert perspectives on the iwCLL meeting very soon. Please feel free to share with others and your doc!. Best regards, Andrew Schorr

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As a very young patient (34) with CLL this is a very encouraging video to watch. Thank you for posting. It made my Monday morning a whole lot better. Keep up the great work Andrew.


Hi Andrew. Is it possible to make a written text so I can translate it in Google. I'm not good in spoken English, but will understand every word Dr. Phillip Thompson says. It gives hope to us all.

Irina (55), CLL patient from Norway


Hi Irina, Yes, we always put up a transcript. This video was just rushed out as news. But the transcript will be posted soon.


Hi Andrew, thank you for sharing this encouraging video with us. I am (for four weeks now) in a trial with one of the new medicins (ABT-199 or Venetoclax) and untill now the results are very promising, without any side-effects. In 2011 I had a FCR treatment, so I like to hear from Dr Thompson that these new medicins will replace the chemotherapies in a few years.

Korstiaan (56, the Netherlands)


So glad you are doing well! ANT 199 seems powerful. I am hopeful it can make a lasting difference.

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Hi thank you for this and all the videos on the website. Best wishes


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