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Dr. Lamanna is the BEST of the best!

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I am writing to let everyone know what an excellent experience I have had with my CLL specialist, Dr. Nicole Lamanna and her staff at New York-Presbyterian, Columbia University Medical Center. I am a registered nurse and have worked in oncology/hematology in the past. I can tell you unequivocally that Dr. Lamanna cares, she listens to what you have to say and has a wealth of knowledge regarding CLL. She has a staff of specialty nurses who are knowledgeable, helpful and always return my calls when I have had CLL related issues to deal with or needed advice. I feel so supported at this office. From my first visit sitting in the sunny waiting room filled with cheerful floral paintings, I knew I was in the right place. New York-Presbyterian is a major medical center and as such may take a bit of skill to establish your first appointment and learn to navigate the system but once you persist and do that, you will be well-rewarded. There may be some days when you have a longer waiting time than you'd like, but it's good to remember that is because Dr. Lamanna and her staff actually spend time with their patients. We all can all recall our first appointment or two after diagnosis and the endless questions we may have had at those visits. May everyone with CLL be so blessed to have someone like Dr. Lamanna as their specialist. --Edelweiss

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I wanted to believe the hype, but sorry the facts speak for themselves. It might well be your experience has been good...great even...but that does not change the fact my experience with Dr. Lamanna is the exact opposite. Uncaring, disorganized, unavailable, unresponsive, calls not returned, etc etc.

I went through considerable effort (and made m primary care as well) to get insurance approval to see Dr. Lamanna....they were great and responsive right up until I got the approval....since then....I might as well be invisible for all the response I have received.


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You are describing your experience with the front office, not with the doctor. I have also had to work to get past "the guards" for a couple of doctors in the past. It was well worth the frustration.

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Yes, I admit I am judging the staff, more than her....but having worked for myself my entire life I understand the buck stops at my desk. If there is a problem with the staff, that is a problem that needs to be solved. It made no difference is I had only me for staff or 30 employees....my number rule was when someone calls, they are important. When they call again, or call upset, they are now very important....not a problem.

I'm not trying to say anything bad about Dr. Lamanna specifically....I never met or even talked to her. But the cold shoulder run around I have been given since getting an insurance approval is just not OK. I should not be required to "learn how to navigate a system." to be heard.

And as I said many times here at HU...I just don't handle the stress of whitecoat situations very well. Mostly I am calm, easy going and patient...but then a limit is reached and I react very badly and I am trying to avoid that. I can't call again...I am at that limit. I invested much time getting the insurance approval and now feel left floating in the endless medical sea with no land in sight.

I received insurance approval over a month ago...I should be SEEING her now...not trying to get noticed.

But again, as I said...I handle these situations badly...maybe one more call would fix it...but I can't make that call....not in any sane way

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Would your doctor make the call?

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Probably but it is blood test week so I am just going to get through this week then figure out what I have to do. I wish I didn't have to deal with any of this......and I know, I know....the whining doesn't help...I just get melancholy at blood test time lately....I guess it is better than stewing about it. And this Dr. Lamanna thing just doesn't fit in this week.

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Hey Scott. Hang in there. Either you will get another reprieve or if it has gone up again it will be time to treat and hopefully wave good bye to your unwelcome visitor “FAtigue”

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I am truly sorry that you are not getting anywhere with Dr lamannas office. Its just not funny anymore!! hope all goes well with your blood work and I am not giving up hope that you will soon see Dr Lammona. best wishes ,Pumpkin

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Like you I’ve heard very great thinks about Her , I’m self employed as well and can’t control what I can’t see. Maybe it’s worth a letter the the boss Dr Lamanna letting her know what the Deal is with her staff. Again I’m not my comparing Dr’s , I have Dr Mato personal phone # that goes directlyto his desk. I have used it because it took a while for a call back from his Nurse. Good luck but I think a letter to Her will prompt a call from Her. Best wishes John

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You sound like me. Everything is so much hassle. I had ingrowing eyelashes. Feels like you have something in your eye and is really painful. Iv had them treated so they wont grow back but the hospital got it in the ear because they had forgotten about me. Seems trivial but it was the last straw. We have enough problems without complications. You expect to ring and the phone to be answered with polite efficient treatment and an appointment made. What is their problem?

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Major medical centers don't work like private offices. Dr. Lamanna's personal staff probably knows nothing about your request. There are several layers before you end up dealing with the scheduler for her particular clinic. Most of the layers I have made it through at UCLA were through doctor to doctor contact.

I was surprised a 10 minute wait on the phone was so upsetting. I guess I am use to waiting for social Security, Medicare and the IRS for 45 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes.

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What was upsetting was calling four times, being put on hold for about 10 min each time....then being told someone would call me back. And, uh, no one ever called me back.

Please, how can I have a contact with Dr Lamana? I need minor surgery, due to inguinal hernia. My CLL give me a nice life without symptoms related to ibutrimib. My doubt an existential one: the surgeons recommend interrupt ibutrimib six days. But some information alerts me, if you interrupt ibutrimib is not sure that the positive effect of ibutrimib could be recuperated. Excuse my English, so poor. Jose Grunberg. Pediatrician Uruguay.

Email removed to protect privacy - Admin

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Please use this site's private messaging (Chat) facility for secure communication and sharing of contact details for your privacy:




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I think 7 days total is clearly OK...3 before procedure and 3 after. I have also been told that 7 days before and 7 days after ...for a total of 15 days is ok

Inguinal hernia surgery can cause blood pooling...I would definitely stop Ibrutinib for this....just my opinion. Check the official Ibrutinib website and even call them.

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3665jose in reply to newyork8

My problem , after stopping ibutrimib for surgery 7 days, there is nno risk that the ibutrimibs effectivity is not altered ? . I have conratdictory information. How can I call by phone? Have a nice week end , thanks Jose Grunberg. Uruguay.

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My understanding is up to 15 total days is okay. However, I would go to the ibrutinib website and also the ibrutinib label information. Again, I've seen anywhere from 8 to 15 days being okay total. I am getting a colonoscopy and plan to stop for 7 days before and 7 days after. I had small surgery on my scalp and stopped 3 days before and there was a lot of bleeding. So I don't think 3 days is enough. I live in Miami if you ever visit we can meet

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Thank you. There is no rsk that after an ibutrimib interruption could loss some effectiveness. This is my big doubt. Thank you for your help. Have a nice week end. Jose Grunberg. Uruguay

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Jose - if you go to cllsociety.org and look at their list of doctors at the bottom of the home page, the contact information for most of them is included when you click on their name.

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Hi 3665jose

You do need to see the doctor before any surgery and if it concerns bleeding you do need to stop the imbruvica. I had cataract surgery but there was no blood involved so I did not have to stop my medicine. I would suggest you call her office and schedule an appointment. Your surgeon should know this.

Good luck

My wife has been seeing Dr. Lamanna for 10 years dating back to when she was still at Sloane Kettering. She has seen my wife through hell and back. I feel so fortunate that we found her. I can’t imagine find another doctor as knowledgeable and compassionate as she is. And her nurses are amazing. They respond quickly and either have the answers for you or contact Dr. Lamanna when needed.

The issue is definitely not Lamanna’s office. The hospital is huge and at times does feel like you are working your way through the bureaucracy found in a Kafkaesque novel.

Scott, hi.

You do not deal with” her office” for first consult.

There is a woman Rosemarie who is in charge of scheduling FIRST consult .

Different office than actual patient office.

call the 201# you have and ask for Rosemarie the scheduler for Dr Lamanna for first consult .NEW PATIENT

. I’m wondering if you have been dealing with wrong staff.

I can assure you Dr Lamanna’s staff extremely conscientious and caring . They just don’t schedule first consult. That very well might be the problem you are experiencing.

Good Luck

Why is this discussion about Dr. Lamanna not locked as most posts are. Doesn't seem right to put this out everywhere when it may all be a misunderstanding.

I never met a doctor Like dr. Lammana she's amazing!

Dr Lamanna is my cll specialist also. I feel blessed to have her. She has such patience with me and I’m sure she treats everyone the same. There is not a question or concern she has not helped me with. Anyone who is fortunate to have her should be grateful.

My husband and I totally agree that she is the best. We have been with Dr Lamanna for 9 years starting at Sloan Kettering and can't believe how lucky we are to have her.

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