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After four months of Chlorambucil th with Allopurinol,my Alc is 6.8,Monocyt 29(1.5-11.5),PLT 117.But my lymph nodes have not decreased in size at all.In Belgrade,the lateste private Ultrasound has discovered many enlarged lymh nodes.In abdomen:in hillus hepatis 42x28mm and three nodes as conglomerat 49x36mm.Paracaval conglomerat 63x29mm,and other .In axillae left 25x11mm,right 29x11,23x12,13x1o mm.In colli:17x8mm,16x9,16x10mm.etc.. Whould therapy Rituximab might bee too risky for me of any help?(one kydney and other comorbiditet)My Haematologist previosly recomanded Endoxanplus Prednisolon,but I have refused the totoxity concerns.I have asked about Bendamustin and was told it is not aviable .What now?Please Yours opinions. Olga

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Hi Olga... your absolute lymphocyte count (ALC) has come down well. Chlorambucil is quite slow to work.

I can't comment on Rituxan, but it is cleared by the kidneys, which you know could be a problem.

Endoxan is cyclophosphamide with prednisone, again it is very hard to know.

Bendamustine, cyclophosphamide and chlorambucil are all the same family of drugs, but they work in slightly different ways...

I really wish there was something I could suggest, it must be very difficult...


Хи Олга ... ваш апсолутно лимфоцита ( ВФ ) је дошао добро . Хлорамбуцил је прилично споро ради .

Ја не могу да коментаришем Ритукан , али је избацила бубрега, који знате би могао бити проблем .

Ендокан је циклофосфамид са преднисоне , опет веома је тешко знати .

Бендамустин , циклофосфамид и хлорамбуцил су сви из исте породице лекова , али раде у незнатно различите начине ...

Заиста бих да је сонетхинг бих могао да кажем, то мора бити веома тешко ...



My problem is lymph nodes.Lien is 14.8x7.5cm.I know all therapy is risk for me,but I must...Now I have pain in right abdomen and egzemma with pruritus.I used antihistaminic creme and pill yesterday.Control will bi in 19th jul.Say me your opinion.I know it is difficult but I want and I beleive You Thanks Chris!


Olga - I'm so sorry you are still having problems. I can't answer your question about rituxan and kidneys. I can just tell you my CLL experience. My CLL does not involve the nodes at all. It presents specifically in the kidneys. My original treatment in 2003 was specifically for my kidney involvement and was with rituxan alone - not typical for CLL, but my CLL is unusual. I was very ill by the time I was diagnosed.

Last year, when my kidney values were going up again (no other issues with labs or nodes other than my HGB starting to go down - kidney related) I was given Gazyva (obinutuzumab) without chlorambucil. My nephrologist and my hematologist agreed on this treatment. It seems to have put me back in some kind of remission. I did take allopurinol with my original treatment. I was not given it with Gazyva, but my treatment came before I became very ill. I would imagine that you would need it, as you are dealing with nodes and the die off of cells from them.

I wish I could give you a good answer to your question. I hope that this helps a little.



It is big helps!Hematologist unknowning for kidney.My one kidney work ok.Creatinin,urea,GFR is all right.But lymph nodes ...I will bi tolk with hematologist again.Thank You very much! Olga


I had nephrectomy in 1984y and now I have not CLL in kidney.



i just hope that you get the treatment you need and soon feel better.

Best wishes.


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Thank You very much,Sue!


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