‘No Vax, No Visit’ not necessary

‘No Vax, No Visit’ not necessary

This article is not about immune compromised adults such as us, but babies younger than 6 weeks old - before they have their vaccination to protect them from a devastating Pertussis (Whooping Cough) infection.

'No Vax, No Visit is a movement being propagated through social media and social pressure. Expectant parents are demanding that all visitors who wish to visit their newborn are recently vaccinated against whooping cough. If visitors can’t prove they’re vaccinated, they’re refused permission to visit the baby in hospital or at home until after the newborn’s two-month vaccination (which can be given at six weeks).'

The adverse impacts (unintended social consequences) of this social media movement are explained by Samantha Carlson, Social Science Research Officer for the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, Kerrie Wiley, Research Fellow, National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance, and School of Public Health and Peter Bruce McIntyre, Professor and Director for the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine, all of University of Sydney: theconversation.com/no-vax-...

'While some parents will find their family and friends are happy to be vaccinated, we are also hearing stories of isolation of new parents, division in social groups, and guilt of friends feeling irresponsible. Some new parents are even too scared to take their baby to the “disease-riddled” shopping centre, school or playground.


While there’s no evidence that No Vax, No Visit will offer any additional protection for the newborn, there is evidence that social isolation can lead to postnatal depression.


So, what else can parents do to protect their newborn before the six-week vaccination if mum was vaccinated during pregnancy, and dad, siblings and grandparents are all up to date with their vaccines? Ask visitors to postpone their visit if they are sick, and hand-washing before cuddles is essential.'

Now if only our visitors could be convinced of the need to postpone their visit if they are sick and wash their hands before hugging, etc, when we are particularly immune compromised...



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13 Replies

  • Hi Neil it's strange but slowly the hugs and cuddles are disappearing from my family and friends when visiting or being visited. Is it me giving out "do not touch vibes", I'm not sure.


  • I'm sure I am; I had enough of forever fighting off infections early on with my particular version of CLL. I suspect if we are nervous about becoming ill and wondering how long it will take us to get over the next bug, then it is only natural to be a bit stand-offish, which is sad when we no doubt miss the personal contact more...


  • I would rather have the hug... the bug can mind his own business...

  • Hugs to both of you.

  • I have done a boat load of research on the whooping cough vaccine, it is highly ineffective, recently we had an outbreak in Eastern Canada, those that came down with wc were up to date with their shots, also Dr. David Witt investigated the California outbreak....basically the same thing, it is not about it being safe, it is simply not effective!


  • I seem to be fortunate with my CLL even after 6 rounds of BR treatment ending 11/2015. I never got sick during treatment and post treatment during Jan-Apr got one stomach virus and one minor respiratory infection that a z-pack took care of. This is par for the course for me for pretty much my entire adult life (1-2 episodes during winter months). Of course I am much more conscientious about frequently washing my hands and friends and relatives are sensitive to staying away if they are sick. But the other day coming home on a public transit train, a filthy homeless person who was hacking and coughing was walking through the train asking for change. I felt trapped and all I could do was turn my head the other way and cover my mouth with my jacket.

    But it would be hard to turn into an anti hugger.

  • Here in the States, to send your child to school they must be up-to-date on all vaccinations or they can't attend. And, the recommended amount of vaccines has become ridiculous. Autism is being suspected from the MMR vaccine (I don't believe it), and there are parent's that shoot up their child per the doctor. My daughter is a non-vaxxer which I'm not completely comfortable with, but when she gave me the list of shots kids must now have to even enter pre-school, it was an amazing number. She is now home schooling the girls.

  • Lady,

    I hope you are taking precautions when you are around your grandchildren.

    Generally the best individual protection is the protection of the "herd".

    That is why people get the Tdap for whooping cough. Infants can't get vaccinated but adults can. Most often they contract it from an infected adult.

    Are you up to date on your vaccines?


  • I will talk with my oncologist on this, Jeff. I had an injection for tettinus a few years back and it was combined with the whopping cough vaccine I believe. It was combined with something. I'm going to have to check. Thanks for bringing this up. I appreciate it. Carole

  • I expect you had the DTPa vaccination, inoculating you against diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (whooping cough). These are all non-live.


  • A mere 67 years ago when I was born I got whooping cough in the hospital - which is forever known as the" hospital that almost killed you"

  • Vaccines From Dr. Hamblin's blog... italics are my additions for new live vaccines

    Patients commonly ask whether they should receive vaccinations. Their enquiries have two purposes; they want to know if vaccination is safe and if it is effective. Although vaccination may sometimes transiently raise the peripheral lymphocyte count, there is no evidence that it triggers an exacerbation of the CLL. On the other hand, patients with CLL should be regarded as immunodeficient as far as vaccination with live attenuated organisms is concerned and these should be avoided.

    Table 1

    Vaccines that should be avoided in CLL



    Poliomyelitis (oral)

    Typhoid (oral)



    Yellow fever

    Nasal flu sprays (children)

    Dengue vaccine

    Vaccines that are permissible


    Cholera (oral)


    Haemophilus influenzae type b

    Hepatitis A

    Hepatitis B




    Poliomyelitis (injection)



    Tick-borne encephalitis

    Typhoid (injection)




  • Hi Chris, I'm surprised that Prevnar and Pnemovax are not listed amongst the permissible vaccines...


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