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I posted that I had a stomach bug lasted 7 days then came back 2 d ays later but everything has settled down no training just taking it easy anyway Dr just phoned and asked had it gone because there were signs of Campylobacter which occurs in food poisoning.

I did ask before I knew this if it was connected to CLL and the DR said she doubted it.

Can things like this cause us more problems because we are immune suppressed and is it a good sign that it cleared up on it.s own without Antibiotics - just wondered


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  • Sorry you've been unwell Jules, campylobacter is a horrible bug and dependent on severity can cause bad food poisoning.

    I contracted it about 18 yrs ago from an inadequately cooked piece of chicken on holiday in Spain. It was very painful and I was still registering positive for it 10 days later. I thought Environmental Health were going to put an X on my front door!

    I didn't take antibiotics then but I didn't have CLL at that point. It's good to see its cleared on its own Jules because it can leave some lasting gut problems for a while.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Newdawn that could explain why it felt a bit funny a few days later after I thought everything was ok - perhaps I had a mild version not a great deal of pain might be because i'm a tough guy . Glad it was now and not when I started the ride the internet says it could of started from something I eat 2-5 days beforehand.

    Hope you are ok


  • Good to hear you are on the mend.

  • I had it while at the edge of remission from CLL ,while on Ibrutinib,in Dec of 2015...I lost my appitite and dropped 20 pounds n 2 months. I was in my home on an island that was extremely entire family was with me and we all ate and drank the same foods....I was the only one that had any signs of a problem.....when I returned home I had every test the gastroenterologist could give and 3 months later he could find nothing and decided it was campylobacter....I was declared in remission from CLL in Jan 2016 and taken off Ibrutinib...looking back it had to be something to do with my immune system and/or the CLL and its treatment. I never considered it to be related to my CLL but now I think there was a great possibility.Thanks for your post.

  • Interesting because it started on the Saturday I mentioned to my partner that things were not right and she said the same - Sarah's just went but mine didn't.


    ps were are you from I like the idea living on an island in the middle of nowhere - might be tricky for Cycling though.

  • Cycling is a real challenge .. it take 45 minutes to get the 13 miles from one end to the other by car.

    I have a second home there ..I did some building and developing there.. It is the Island of St John in the US Virgin Islands... I am at the far East end after going through a portion of the National Park there are about 20 houses ...I am the farthest away from anyone.....The island is home to 4500 people and is 3/4 national park.. the only problem with being on a very sparsley populated island is that there is only one medical clinic that is serviced by a MD for 8 hours a day..if there is a real health problem... you have to travel to another Island by Ferry and just getting to a hospital can take over 2 hours.....everything has a price but to spend part of your life in Paradise , is worth it..

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