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Different views on eating fatty foods

Different views on eating fatty foods

I'd been sensing a pendulum swing away from the recommendations for eating low-fat food whenever possible, and towards a more positive attitude to things like full cream milk and butter. This had made me feel less guilty about eating such things. However, it seems there are many different opinions, even within the scientific community, re what is best to eat...

A report by the National Obesity Forum suggests eating fat could help cut obesity and type 2 diabetes. The charity said promoting low-fat food had had "disastrous health consequences" and should be reversed.

Other experts have criticised the report saying it cherry-picked and misquoted evidence. Naveed Sattar, a professor of metabolic medicine at the University of Glasgow, said the report was "good, bad and ugly".

He backed calls to cut snacking, but said eating more fat as a cure for obesity and type 2 diabetes was "not warranted" by the evidence and would have "adverse" consequences.

He said the authors had been selective in their choice of evidence and had ignored "an abundant literature which goes against their conclusions".

Dr Nita Forouhi says the report contains some important omissions and some references had been misrepresented such as the recommendations around vegetable oils.

The scientist, at the MRC epidemiology unit at the University of Cambridge, told the BBC: "This is a highly selective review, it is not a systematic appraisal of the evidence and in places opinions are expressed that are not backed up by a body of evidence."

She praised the call to lower refined carbohydrates, but said the overall message to cut carbs ignored the issue of quality as "we do need wholegrain carbs and fibre in out diet".

So, maybe the jury is still out, re fatty foods... They're probably not as bad as we'd been led to believe, but I don't suppose it's a good idea to eat them excessively. Balance in all things.. I'm sure everyone would agree that we should be eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg though, especially the more colourful ones.

Photo is not of anything edible, but bluebells in the woods near us.

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This arrived in my inbox today... just mentioning it... love bluebells...

Slideshow: Healthy-Fat Foods


Thanks for the link, Chris. Gets the point over very clearly, about the most healthy kinds of fat to eat.


Hello Paula

Hope you are well and enjoying the much needed sunshine we are having at the moment .Love the bluebells ,we have a beautiful country and sometimes we are all so busy we don't look to see what is around us .

Like you I am pleased in one way that it is ok now to eat a little fat .

For some years I would only eat butter whilst on holiday ,very seldom had anything containing cream ,no eggs as the yolk was supposed to contain too much cholesterol ,but now we are told that all these fats are not so bad for you after all .Just wondering what will be next .



I'm well, thanks Brenda. Hope you are well too. Yes, we do have a beautiful country, and sometime the common things like wild bluebells in our woods, are the most precious.

Like you, I completely stopped eating butter and eggs (except occasionally for treats). Now I'm much freer about those things, but I don't go overboard. All things in moderation, as Maureen (casanova) says below. And Chris's link above is very helpful.

wishing you well,



Hi PaulaS

Advice on what we should or should not eat (not specifically CLLers) constantly changes. I am, therefore, a firm believer in all things in moderation.

Love the photograph of bluebells, I can almost smell them.



Hi Maureen,

Yes, it's a bit unsettling when advice keeps changing on what constitutes "healthy eating". As you say - moderation in all things seems best, and a good variety of different foodstuffs.

Glad you like the bluebell photo. The woods were full of them - it was like a fairyland. (Ecclesall woods, Sheffield). And yes, we could smell them, but their scent didn't seem so strong this year, maybe because it was being swamped by the much stronger smell of wild garlic - which is particularly prolific here this year.


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Hi Paula

Must admit I do like butter on toast. Nothing else.


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Hi Paula. I eat everything (the 'in moderation' bit I find hard).

Seriously, after diagnosis (May last year) I embarked on a healthy eating programme (that is when I could actually eat again after losing 21lbs in 3 weeks purely through fright!) HOWEVER, since christmas I seem to have gone astray somehow :-(

Hope you are keeping well.



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